Bon Appétit, Martin Ruizl (3D)


I love it! :thumbsup:


:bounce: It looks sticky…but I like it !!


That is awesome! So much character. I actually feel bad for him. :frowning:


Excellent image dude, I’d love to know how the water/drips was done on the knife and tip of the tentacle!


LOL, I feel really guilty about last nights pepper squid. Great expression!


Good work! You great man! I will watch your showreel a bit later, think it good as this 3d still.


Maxter, Gord-MacDonald, alintu > guys thanks very much. I’m glad you like it.

Ollarin > thanks very much :))

Myristate > thanks, its pretty simple. it is just an extra geometry with no diffuse and full reflection(plus little bit color). if you are mental ray guy it is good to use also mia_round_corner for better intersection areas. if you will have any question pls feel free to ask.

donShole> :)))) thanks man

MaskTX> thanks very much man :wink: I’m glad you like it



Just loved this piece, congratulations


I love the piece. Would love to see a short animation of the Octopus gulping with fear.

The only thing I’d have done is made some of the suckers more apparent, maybe have one of the tentacles flipped over. Because at first glance, it looks like an alien blob before you realise it’s an octopus.


Bliz> i like your advice about the suckers, it definitely makes sense. it could be more readable. thanks very much

Djampa> thanks man


OMG…this make my day~!
The shader of it made it really alive~! ^ ^ Congrtaz…5stars from me


hey man , nice work , it will be nice if you can provide the scene :slight_smile: doesn’t matter the size


Congrats on the front-page! It’s perfect, I’m glad I don’t eat seafood :smiley:
(radši anglicky :))


Fireantz : thank you very mutch :beer:

AlexTNT: I am not on my computer, But I will post link here next week. So check this thread next week, some link to whole scene should be here :wink:

ajinak: cheche, dekuji moc :slight_smile:


Very nice work!


Much better ??? i’m quite sure it is the BEST render :slight_smile: enough lights and reflections :slight_smile: great textures and materials :). Cheers


cute modelling and texture^^*pretty out focus^^


There is link to the scene. Maya 2011 scene It’s about 360MB, there is all sources, textures, models etc.
Just a brief info: Most things are referenced. Render settings and resolution is set to preview quality and hdr image(used for reflections and lighting) is missing because I’m not sure about the rights of the hdr image. Therefor the render is a little bit different but just a little. Also a depth of field is set to OFF, so just switch ON if you want but prepare for longer render :slight_smile: For final render you can also load the very high resolution reference named octopus10.mb.

If you have any question feel free to ask. If you will have some critics, advises, comments, what could be done better or easier please post a line here or email me. Lets learn together :beer:

RLM, level6, sontaeseok > thanks very much guys!


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