Bon Appétit, Martin Ruizl (3D)


This is just awesome! the lighting is great, the textures are amazing. Great Job! On a side note, i can’t help but feel pity for the little guy, to me he is thinking “Oh #@$@”

I just wanted to add that this scene proves that with great lights and textures, even simple objects can be just awesome(I am by no means says the octopus is simple, but just the background items).


Really nice :slight_smile:

Somehow this picture makes me hungry :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent witty render. I think your girlfriend’s mother is now vegetarian.


So cute image…grabbed for wallpaper!:wavey:




That’s a great piece of advice. Helped me out on one of my own current projects. I love this scene; fantastic work!


This is super, what a great expression!


Awesome imagery!


wow! fantastic

Nice shaders! and the expression of the little octopus is hilarious



great image , just look at that face he’s far too cute to eat, I want to set him free lol :slight_smile:

well done martinruizl youve done a great job there


just amazing!


Lol really nice :slight_smile: The expression is neat !


Greate work !
I can’t stop laugh. His eyes are magnificent:applause:


I really love the lighting and depth of field. The expression is hilarious!! Fantastic work.


Hilarious, well deserved header if you ask me :smiley:

Cobra 6


Simply and nice. The octopus reminds me of the little alien character in PIXAR short lifted.


Amazing funny character! :buttrock: very nice shading


Haha! I ate one of those in Japan last June, it was very good!:

nice work!


Creieru, bieetars > thanks very much guys

Riozaki> thank you :wink: funny thing is that the scene(and composition) was not so simple at the beginning. there were a three octopuses actually and few another objects.

ReiAyanami> cheche :wink: thanks

schmeerlap> :)) thanks very much.

ipdesigner> I am glad you like it. Thanks :wavey:

gearz> thanks man

crystalbaud> thank you very much. btw I agree with you.

Branko, AIR, raoninery, Dmaxer, elmisa, Kel Solaar, Muft, EyeForComplexity, cobra6, bala2007, turin > guys, thank you very much!

Strob> :))) thanks man


Haha nice expression. Great work!:thumbsup: