Bon Appétit, Martin Ruizl (3D)


Title: Bon Appétit
Name: Martin Ruizl
Country: Czech Republic
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi, this picture is for girlfriend’s mother. I hope she will put it on the wall in her new kitchen. She likes seafood :slight_smile:

Modeled in ZBrush and Maya, textured in ZBrush and Photoshop, rendered in Maya. Please feel free to ask. Critics or comments are welcome.


haha very nice :smiley:
so pitiful scene :cry:


Haha, wonderful! :applause:


Hi compatriot
your work is very cute


nice work, i like your shader :wink:


Great! Nice shader, is it SSS? Your character is cool


Very nice render :slight_smile:


Great character and story! Well executed also. maybe it would have been a nice touch to have some cuts in the wood block here and there to extra emphasize the danger of the knife? My two cents.

Very fun picture to watch.


stunning , and very very funny :beer:


hey guys, thanks very much for replies. I’m really glad you like it.

Tatiyana> hi and thanks :wink:

niravital, dnk, sevver, TP > guys, thanks very much

KIDI, wakos > thanks guys, it is mental ray sss shader. i could provide the scene if you want?, but I warn you it will be really large package :slight_smile: because of large texture maps, zbrush’s files etc.

toink> you are definitely right. i had even version with scratches but it was not look good and i had’t got time. ok maybe I was just lazy :)) but anyway very good comment.


Brilliant… You actually feel for the octopus…
Everything from modeling to rendering is fantastic…
The character design is really good and i love the expression on the octopus’s face…


thank you very much Rishi


haha very nice! =( ^^


Really nice! Great fun :applause:


cool!I like it very much!


Great image, funny and well executed! Maybe the eyeballs could use a bit more sss but that’s minor.
Reminds me of the oktapodi short movie.
Great work:beer:


good work. what render tehnique did you use?


Arkaiko, wzienrgo, yunshi > thanks very much guys. I appreciate this.

PascalR > yes, eyes could be much better. next time :wink: thanks very much :beer:

Creieru> thanks for comment. i used mental ray and final gather, there was a 3 light. 2 area light. plus one point light as a rim light. i also used hdr image for lighting and especially for reflections. please see the screenshot


I appreciate your answer. Congrats again on your york.


omg. i like it!