Boiling Point, Julian Jeremy Johnson-Mortimer (3D)


Title: Boiling Point
Name: Julian Jeremy Johnson-Mortimer
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello here’s some Character shots.

which are the continuation of my previous post.

all made from the same mesh.

the heads share the same bump and specs.

but have their own displacement and Colour maps

animation of the head blending together can be viewed here.
Link animation 18mb

thanks for checking out my work

any comments or questions Welcome


hi dude… this is real ART ! :buttrock:[size=2]i love your superb works, master !!! :bowdown: (4.6)[/size]


Shading and colorscheme of your renders are really interesting…
makes them look dream like somehow.
Though the characters are non human, theyve got lots of personallity.
I really like this style, especcially the first one with the orange
tones… the skin specularity makes him look very alive.
Great work as your last post.:thumbsup:


great rendering and animation Julian.

perhaps to much SSS on the nose, for the 1rst one.
how much time/frame ?



scary and ugly creatures - but extremely well done! And that animation is awesome!
5 stars!


Another excelent faces! Fantastic models and renders, very realistic! I like all of these, congratz 5stars and front page, hury :bounce:


wow top notch stuff, gotta love zbrush :smiley:

Fantastic stuff, looking foward to your next works :slight_smile:


Man, your work is awesome! How much better can it get?


Very impresive work. May be over wrinkled in some areas but still - 5 stars from me!


Crazy stuff. The mov is great! I especially like the compsition of the first image (the yellow one). Amazing stuff, congrats.


nice work!:applause:


The modells, the shaders its PERFECT! :thumbsup: Congratulante!


great work … as always :slight_smile: 5*


you taked all the stars at this mounth

so great as always

your works are developping day by day .

I think soon you will be one of the 3d choice awards I realy wish that

nothing to add your new posts are realy great keep it up:thumbsup:

                                                                 *****five stars*****


great works , good luck :slight_smile:


great work ur a real artist


Insane stuff. I wish I knew how to do that.


Really nice work. I love image #1.


wow !:eek:
excellent !
5 stars for sure !


YES! LET 'EM HAVE IT! :buttrock:

By the way. Since you’re VFX artist and you have Kreacher designed a long time ago, is there any chance we see him in the 5th Potter film?