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Question: How do you [if possiable] export or save the texture so you can see the UV MESH [wireframe] in photoshop - i.e To see the same as when the user selects - UV MESH/SHOW UV MESH.

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Sorry Phojekt but l can’t give you an answer because l want to know the same thing to because l have noticed things like the disolve function between layers in BP shows an obvious ugly repeated pattern where PS doesn’t so l hope you get an answer for the both of us.

Chad P


Select all polys, select your brush, reduce the size to one pixel, go to Layers> Outline polygons - then just save the template as a psd. :slight_smile:


…don’t forget to create a new texture obviously, or else it has nowhere to draw the polygon lines! :slight_smile:


I think I get what your saying, are you saying make a nu texture and basically color in the wireframe ? as you only have the edges selected.

I’m not sure how to select all poly’s [what tool to use] to get to you the next step

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Kromekat is absolutely correct, that’s how you do it. The text below is quoted straight from the FAQ for the Renderosity Cinema 4D Forum:

Q: In BodyPaint 3D, how do I export a UV template of my mesh to be used in Photoshop?

A: In BodyPaint 3D start by selecting all polygons that you want outlined by using the Live Selection Tool. Then switch to the Brush Tool and change the brush size in the Active Tool Manager to 1 pixel (leave all other fields at their default values). Then click on Colors and change the color to either black or white (this is not absolutely vital since you can always change the color of the grid in Photoshop). Now switch back to polygon mode (Use UV Polygon Edit Tool). All your polygons should still be selected so go to the top menu and click on Layer > Outline Polygons, and your selection should be outlined with a 1 pixel sized brush stroke in either black and white. I suggest doing the outlining on a new layer so you can hide it in Photoshop if needed. Finally, select File > Save Texture as
and I recommend you to save it as a *.PSD since this will keep all layers you’ve created so far. Now you can open it with Photoshop and you should have a nice outlined grid of your mesh!



Ok, make sure your in polygon tool mode, got to : Select Polygon > Select All
Click on : Use Polygon Edit Tool - all the polys will have a little red plus in them on your texture window - from here, this is how you can manipulate the polygons on your texture map (scale, move etc) - now if you go to the Layer menu, and select : Outline Polygons you will use the polys as the ‘stencil’ to apply their outline to the texture layer.

I only discovered this the other day, and I have to admit that my knowledge of BP at this point is very limited, but I have just followed my own steps above and it worked fine. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


lol! - there you go, croos posted with the very person that told me how to do it the other day! :wink: - Cheers Anders!





Thanks guys.


Yes thanks a lot for that guys it’s very handy to know you have the option to work in PS if need be.

Chad P.


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