Bodypaint 2 basics tutorial


I just finished this little BODYPAINT 2 basics tutorial about UV’ing and painting a simple crate, not very exciting but should help get people started :wink:


thanks for this one its a good intro to bodypaint


Thank You sir, definintly a useful tut… Great job!


Yes thank you sir! This is perfect timing as I am about to upgrade to BP2 shortly, it seems :slight_smile:


Great, thank you.


good one psionic…don’t forget to post it in the resources thread bud.



Great, thanks!



cool :slight_smile:
I’ve not done much with bodypaint 2 yet, I think I’ll give this a go :thumbsup:


Thank you!

I just love these little quicky tuts to get people started.
I’ll give it a go as well.





Thank you Psionic Design ! :thumbsup:


Glad you found it useful, I hope to write a few more in-depth ones in the next few weeks/months :wink:


thanks for that- I wish I had something simple like that when I was tearing my hair out over Bodypaint!


Ooooh if you did that I’d be your best friend. Please feel free to make as many as you’d like as fast as you’d like :scream:


Heh heh, glad you liked it, like I say more on the way when I get time :wink:


I am not sure what kind of stupid mistake I do but although my cube has 6 faces I only get to see 3 when I view the UV mesh in the Texture view. Oh and unlike the tutorial they all come on top of each other so I have to separate them manually. I am sure its something stupid from my behalf but I can’t seem to figure it out.


are you making the cube “editable” before you go into bodypaint and the UV wizard??


right. making it editable before indeed makes the other 3 sides appear but they still show up on top of each other. so I still have to move them around over the texture to separate them out. shouldn’t bodypaint do that for me for such a simple object?


Select all the UVs and then run the Optimal Mapping command. In BP2 you could also use Cubic 2 or Box in UV Mapping>Projection.


ok that works! thanks!

any idea if there’s a new version in the works now that C4D9 is “done” ?