Bodyguard, Guillaume Tiberghien (3D)


Title: Bodyguard
Name: Guillaume Tiberghien
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, XSI, ZBrush

This is based on a drawing by Cuson (
I posed the characters out of zspheres before i started modeling on top in asymetrie. The heads were sculpted out of spheres and retopologized. I used a 3d depth of field in this one and the cigarette smoke was added in photoshop. I will let you decide of the background story of those 2…


Hehe very nice! great emotion coming through in both of them !!

Excellent work :slight_smile:

  • Ty


wonderful work! wonderful style! 5*


hehehe very funny work i like the modeling by the body of the girls is very good

good lcuk 4 ever :applause:

i vote 4 u :wip:


Liking the expressions on both their faces.


enjoy this render altho you can barely see that she is smoking a cigarette. Smoke is hard to tell.


Great expression!


I thought I’ve seen it somewhere before. Excellent conversion! :thumbsup:


Vow excellent character design, nice expression and pose.



I love your works very much.
Glad to see them.


I always liked Cuson’s work…i even have him marked on deviant…This begs the question though…which one really is the bodyguard? Nice piece.


Great style and characters!


Excellen! It looks like the still of an animation. I would love to see one in this style.

And im also wondering who the bodyguard is. :slight_smile: Really cool ambiguity.



Am I the only one who is reminded of Gorillaz?


Nice work Guillaume! Congrats on the plug as well.


very nice, congrats G. :slight_smile:


the girl looks like TinTin’s sister? :curious:


cooOOool :thumbsup:


good stuff. the expressions remind me alot of Koji Morimotos work.


Hey! Very funny work! Great style!