bodybutcher - character



Hey guys,

I havent posted anything yet… so I thought maybe its time! here is a guy im working on right now… still very WIP and lots to still finish and such but I thought Id share anyways…
all the detail is done in MUDBOX. Im a huge fan of the package. Ill keep updating the character as I get some more time to work on it.
here you are.



WOW really nice model cant wait to see an update.


Great design. Got some questions though :

Are those stretched things his skin, or torn clothing?

If it is his skin, how would he stretch his arms? Wouldn’t it hurt? Also, I think the should be regeneratable skin, so if he gets in a fight and something detaches the flesh, it quickly grows back.


thanx for the reply guys…
Ill try to get some updates soon…

Yah… its skin… cool idea… maybe if he closes his arms it re generates…


just where the head is at right now… just roughed it out. now ill start adding detail and offseting the face.


Very nice modeling!

Waiting for the continuation :slight_smile:


Lookin good mate.

Cant wait to see texturing.
Just a note, the offset image of the head, there appears to be a dent in his forhead. dont know if you picked up on that or if it may just be the lighting on the wrinkles.


this is looking great so far. nice work on the torso region, the ribcage and abs look organic and natural. my only crit is around the eyes, i think the lids need some tightening up, its hard to tell where the lids are and where the eyeball touches them. the lids just feel too round and soft…


oh shit great!!!:eek:


oh dang I like this. It has some solid modeling and the concept is just disgusting haha. I have no crits at this point I just want to see more.

-Mind Traveler


Hey guys, thanx for all the replys! Keep em coming!

KahlanAmnell: Ill take a look at that… it MAY be the wrinkles though…
ZippZopp: good call. Yah, I just noticed it now. Will fix…

Ill have an updated version of the head and torso soon enough…


very cool. I really like design.

4 stars


Beautiful character, I like everything about him. Looks like he’s not going to be doing jumping jacks any time soon :slight_smile:


Looking very nice! The hands are crap though. I think you should go for a pair of Lobster Claws.


body should be more flabby



yah exactly


Wow! great modeling job and design!. Keep updates!


thanx again all!

hehe Ill keep the lobster claw in mind :wink:


Incredible modeling skills. Can you post a wireframe ?


awesome! very nice and clean details! feels very organic and real.
definitely cant wait to see more! very inspiring.