Body topology


Hey thanks for you comment Patrick.

I´m working with polys and set up the base mesh in Maya and now I imported into zBrush.
I´m not at home at the moment, but I´ll upload screenshots with the topology this evening (Germany)

The rough style of the character is wanted, but on the other hand I also want to have him look like being possible in real life.
Some of the hard transitions I already smoothened.



Here we go with the wireframe screens


Silent rage: not sure if you’re still working on this model, but if so, here’s my 2 cents. The trapezius as well as the lats look too big, and I also agree the quads could be bigger… In the front view on your first post, it he looks like a muscular but not super-exaggerated guy with this huge ball floating behind him making up the trapezius and lats. I can’t tell if you’ve toned them down in your second post due to the angle. It seems like you’re interpreting that reference image too literally; in the reference image, he’s leaning forward, so there is a lot of area on his trapezius facing the “camera,” and his lats are foreshortened making them appear to bulge out more than they would from a front view. I think in the links to other ref images you provided he doesn’t look quite as stylized and bulky in the upper body.

Anyway overall I think this is a fantastic piece, the muscle placement and overall proportion has a lot of detail so is interesting to look at, and it’s believeable despite exaggeration.


Looks like you know the good lines. I recommend placing this rocket shape for deformation purposes. If you plan on doing expressions, which are dependent on brow movement, then you need to have this layout. Maybe there is another way to do it, but I understand that this is the most common way. This will make all sorts of expressions easier.

Of course, topology methods don’t need to be so strict, but I learned that this is some kind of a standard.

I’d love to see your work with lighting, and textures…


ok, thx Patrick, will keep that in mind next time.

But for now, I´ll keep it that way.
The next update will take some time as I´m on vacation now =)


its the most helpful post ive ever come across, thanks everyone for their contribution, it helped me finally get started on organic modeling… this is my first attempt… i have one 5 sided poly under the eye…still trying to fix it… so what else am i doing wrong so far?


Hello All,

I am new to 3D. I have been doing it for some months and using Maya. It is my very first human character built so any crits and comments would be appreciated. She has no head and feet but I am working on it :slight_smile:

By the way. I tried to insert the above images to this post but I could not. Would someone please tell me how to do this? Thx.


I know you guys are very good at modeling and i would be glad if someone help me on this. Im not really good at all, i just know some basics.


I know it’s ugly, but that’s not the problem. the prob is that I don’t know how will avoid/refine that hard edge at the neck. The body and Head are both smoothed when i combined them and merge the vertices.

and this is what I got. need some help here! Thanks


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rckwll: I am a beginner too but let me make a comment. Your model has a boxy look a little. A human body is more round and have no such hard edges that can be seen on your model. Look at my model I am working on at the moment:

A human body looks like this. Yours is not bad but needs some refinement. Some more details(edges and edge loops) need to be added and while doing this try to model what you see when you look at a human body. Some good photo references of a male torso could be a great help. Lets have a look around on the internet first…


A few more updates on my model and some wireframes as well…

…any comments from someone?


Try to spread out the specular highlights a little more. There are areas where the “shiny” part of the body are sharp, if you round out the geometry in that area more it will provide more subtleties.


Thanks for your feedback designingpatrick. I finished the body today. I am about to model the head. Images are coming later…


The finished body… there might be some areas have to work on a little but I am pretty happy with it.


hello, I’m studying 3D modeling and animation in uni and this is my first do at modeling realistic characters in Maya. I need constructive opinion on my model, I know that looking at the mesh it’s not done properly but I don’t know how the topology should go in certain places that is why i need help. I’m planing to use this model for my graduation animation that’s why I wan to make it perfect.


doesn’t look too bad… but imho the thighs are too wide (or too low). the widest part of her body should be at the level of her butt. i think you have the wideness too low, instead of having wide hips - she has wide thighs and looks kinda overweight, imo. unless that is what you are going for… it is not wrong, per se.

or maybe the legs are fine and the butt is a little off?? i can’t decide.

i would spread the shoulder blades out a bit too, if it was me.



I was thinking… May be her legs are a bit short?.. Anyway, I’m going to do re-topology in zBrush around her shoulder blades… I was wondering what people think of it in general… may be they will point out other mistakes that I don’t see… I look into the points you’ve mentioned. Thank you very much


I think it’s the but that’s a little wonky.

Behind’s tend to splay outward at the outer extremes.

The circled red pole should likely be moved above into the center of her back (same horizontal plane), where it won’t cause any possible smoothing bumps or deformation weirdnesses.


I didn’t understand, what should I do with the horizontal lines?


if you look at the loop structure of her bottom, you can see that it flows up into her outer thigh. However, the bottom on a person flows more horizontal (parallel to the ground) and nearer the bottom of the bottom it flows more downward. Also the end of that muscle group ends much closer to the furthest point out on the outer thigh.