body mechanics project - Work in Progress


checking in to see if this place is still alive…i’m working on a small body mechanics project. I would love to get some feedback if you have time. thanks in advance!

if anyone cares to join me, i can email you an .obj file of the obstacle course i’m using.



i think i posted in the wrong thread…oh well.


Hey, it looks nice! How long did this take you?



good question…i took a look at my incremantal saves, did a bit of calculation. it then made me realize i’m a bit of a slacker. so from blocking to what you see in this video, it took me about (according to my calculations)

12hrs 29mins :smiley:


That’s not bad. Yeah, it looks really nice. The only think that I can really see is when he does his initial stretch. After he stretches up, he goes down and his hips/knee seem to pop twice as he goes into that forward lunge pose. Almost like it is stair stepping it’s way down. Maybe check the curves on that one. You probably have a few knots on the translate Y.



Heres an update


animals and creatures class assignment


I like the update on the guy dancing. The knee looks much better, and I like the little moving hold you put on his arms when he sticks his landing.

Your animal piece looks nice. The main thing throwing me off is that the lynx-type cat seems to have a lot of hangtime, for the amount of jump. His take off looks good, but he seems to be in the air for too long as he’s approaching the rock. Almost like he should touch down, but it’s delayed. Maybe look into that. Either way, it’s looking great. Nice movements.


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