Body Builder, Jian Xu (3D)


awesome man! you’ve done it again!


No way, its photo! :thumbsup:
Give proof for us!


WireFrame Please…
Its a Photo ??
Man Thats ToTally Awesome 3D…



Holy f*@k!

Repeat that ten times, and then add a - holy sh*t thats good!



Very impressive! it would be ace to see some more angles or some sculpt shots? I bet they look just as impressive.

Super job! :bowdown:


looks like photo to me:)


Looks awesome! Can we see it without the color maps?


Simply incredible :applause: The weirdest thing about it is that i thought it was a caricature until you said it’s based on a real person. haha!

excellent all around. you’ve captured the bodybuilder sunbed tanned looked really well. what a superb render. As mentioned: could you post SSS maps , wires, etc…

Only crit would be that the left hand(thumb) looks deformed.


It looks good, but that head does not match that body very well.


it does match, did u read that it is based on real photo?

BTW, i still think it is photo until it will be profen, post pls some zbrush shots or difrent abgle render.


“Based on a real photo” means nothing. I’ve seen tons of caricatures that were “based on a real photo”. The truth is that the head does not match. I don’t know why you can’t be honest here. People are posting their works in hopes of getting true feedback, not just to get their ass kissed.


thanks you guys!
I am happy to see all of your comments and questions,the following are some informations about the work.

this is a screenshot from 3Dsmax before rendering:

some sreenshots from Zbrush:

wireframe,it is low poly I made in 3Dsmax:

setting for sss material:

it is my reference a real photo:

The most of details are made in Zbrush,some other details like subtle spots are made by bump texture.I made the diffuse texure without real photo but painting,it cost so much time to match the real photo.I made the final render in 3Dsmax by importing the high poly from Zbursh.I wanted to exercise Zbrush from this work,so only complete one angle now:wavey:


Incredible work! You’re as insane (skill-wise :P) as that guy in your reference.


I take back what I said earlier. Congratulations on getting it to look exactly like your photo reference. :bowdown:


Amazing photorealism!
2 questions based on your sss material: You just used bump map, not any normal? And seeing the diffuse map, I assume that you didn’t unwrap the whole character, just the visible parts?


Well chosen photo with this sickening dude for your awesome ZBrush exercise :smiley:


wow amazing body really very nice

5***** from & i vote 4 u :bounce:

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


wow … i can’t say anythings.
very perfect modeling and great texture and shading .
best regards.


wow, just wow. If you did not post the reference photo, I would have said you messed up his left arm, but no you did not. I suppose I’m not used to see this kind of anatomy and his muscles are so big that his arms look too short

Edit : why isn’t it on the header yet?


Yes, this has to be frontpage and 3dchoiche.
Very photoreal work, although I don’t like your motive:D Really impressive…