Bob's Mom Joke


Here’s a quick acting and lip-sycning test I did with a new character I’ve been working on.

C & C are welcome.



animation is stiff and lifeless. joke is lame too.


BobDigital, thanks for your fastidious opinion… do you know a mom joke that’s not lame? It was kind of the point to have a bad joke. have anything helpful to ad?


Hey there. I agree with Bob, the animation is stiff, but you can make a few little changes to loosen it up. First of all, I would think about think about offsetting the arms from the lower body movement al little more. Especially on wide gestures, like right before he enter the pose with his hand over his brow. One other thing that would liven it up would be to make the transitions from pose to pose a little quicker. The transition from the point off screen to the looking gesture could be made slightly faster and with a little more arc in the hips. You also may want to think about your acting choices. The looking with hand over brow is kind of overused and literal. Other than that, you are at a good midway point. Id like to see this again with some revision.


Yeah…what do you mean by “animiation is stiff an lifeless”? You should explain more…and this is not


what i mean by “stiff and lifeless” is basically what jchristo said. i really dont need to add much more. oh, and jamagica… is a broken link, i cant seem to get to the page…ass


Don’t need to add much more? you didn’t add anything at all. If you meant what jchristo said, then maybe you should said it.


The Voice of the guy doesn’t really fit the animation. In acting animations like this one, the voice carries the character within it and it’s the job of the animator to make the motion fit the attitude of the voice. Also when a stand up speaks a joke like that, he doesn’t mime everything he says. I’m talking about the part where he says “people are looking for a truck backign up” a stand up wouldn’t put his hand to his forehead etc. Try to think more naturally and not so litterally about the dialog. Act it out yourself or if you don’t trust your acting you can watch stand ups and see how they behave in simiar situations.
If you are working with a bad joke on purpose (it’s a tough one to pull off) then you want the animation to be good non the less so make the guy even more of an ass in your animation to show that he is an idiot proud of his bad joke (again that’s a tough one to pull off) but it’s feasable. The easiest thing to do with what you have is to get rid of the laughter at the end of the joke and put some booing instead. Otherwise we miss the point that you are intentionally passing this joke off as a bad one.


hehehe i think mehdianim responded very well :slight_smile:

That dude that posted that your animation is stiff and lifeless is kinda cold, and if he animates hes supposed to know that that comment is kinda… Mean
Its true that you can improve it alot but theres a very good base too.

One thing thats hard to do and i thinked you could improve it, its to make the legs walk a bit.
only some subtle small steps when he moves more. Its hard to explain and hard to do, but i hope you can see what i mean! I think that watching animations on 10 second club could inspire you for that part, since its that acting, lipsynch kinda animation.
Link if you dont know it already!$standardasc

The only thing that bugged me and i used to do it before, is at the end, when he swings his arm, you make an offset in the fingers, like if its a rope. Putting offsets or follow throught, sorry im french :P, is okay but im sure if you focus on that part youll find something strange.
But thats just my opinion!


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