Bobby Chiu's Toronto Subway Sketch Group


Hey everyone,
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here are the details:
[li]Bobby Chiu’s TORONTO Subway Sketch Group 2005[/li][li]On the first page thread you should post:[/li]
MEETING LOCATION: UNION STATION SUBWAY PLATFORM - There’s only one platform. Look for me - the asian guy drawing in the sketchbook.
[li]MEETING DAY: Every Sunday at 3:20 pm[/li]CONTACT PERSON: email --> sketchgroups “at”
[li]MEETING NOTES: Make sure you’re waiting on the SUBWAY PLATFORM. If there’s any changes I will post it on my website[/li][/ul]DISCLAIMER: The creator of this thread, Bobby Chiu, CgNetworks And CGTALK is not responsible on what happen on these meetings. The persons are meeting under their own accord and their actions are their own. The parties mentioned before are not responsible in no way shape or form for their actions and thus are not liable.

Hey I’m not sure where to put this because these aren’t WIPs and they’re not finished works. They’re simply just sketches. Subway sketches…

I love taking the transit!
Why bother driving yourself when you can get someone else to do it while you get in some good sketching time?

My name is Bobby Chiu and I’m a sketch-aholic…

I’ve started a Toronto Subway Sketch Group. Every Sunday at 3:20pm Union Station we meet on the SUBWAY platform (not GO train).

Great fun and entertainment for a mere subway ticket ($2.75)! Everyone’s invited so come on down. This will be very informal so just come on down and find us and introduce yourself.

Look around and you’ll find me (Asian guy drawing in his sketchbook). At 3:30pm we catch a subway train and just ride it back and forth and sketch tons of people. Don’t be late because we leave promptly at 3:30pm

It’s a great way to meet some artists, share some tips and learn for each other.

Anyways, enough of the writing… time for some sketches. And if you are part of the group, feel free to post your subway sketches too.

Check out for info and updates!


These were done on January 2nd, 2005


these were done on January 9th, 2005


these were done on January 16th, 2005. I use ball point pen for all my sketching


these were done on January 23, 2005.


these were done on January 30th 2005


Thanks to everyone that showed up. It was a blast! This week I brought out my tablet PC and had an awesome time doing some DIGITAL SUBWAY SKETCHING. Check out for more details on the subway sketch group!



Hey Bobby! Nice to see you posting again! wow. awwesome sketches!


wow these are great, so are they inspired by the people you see while your there?
i love these!


That’s some great work. While I live in Kitchener at the moment the wife and I are considering moving to Toronto in which case I’ll definitely join you.

Keep up the good work.


Great sketchs. I love the personality of the people. I also like how you reflect Toronto. Very cold and crowded lol.


I really like you sketchs and it actually inspired me to do the same. But how do you manage to have the time to draw a subject so quickly? I tried this during my lunch at the university library and people would either move too much or simply get away when I was in the middle of fixing their position. Either I am very slow, or I should find some more stable subject to train on…

I wish you were in Montréal so I could participate to this activity, must be a great way to learn!


I’ll try to make it out one Sunday. Seems like it would be fun, and I am all up for meeting new people.

Do you guys have anymore sketches from the last few sundays?


hello digital bobert

i would love to see all of your scetches. they are simply awesome and entertaining. :slight_smile:

well i have a little request could you scetch me? i know maybe a lot of people want that but if you feel like doing it i would be happy as a dog hunting a cat.

iam the guy on the right…

just if you are in the right mod!:bounce:



My hard drive crapped out over the weekend so I’m going to have to wait a couple days till I can post my latest sketches from Sunday.

Thanks to all that keep showing up! It was an awesome Sunday for sketching! The Rasta guy was just an awesome character to draw!

Big Boi - thank you. It’s nice to b back

ghl - thanks. just about all of these drawings are observational

Delusion - love to have ya join up with us!

AirbORn - hehehe… thanks

Mantat - the key is to practice your fundamentals. That way you have multiple ways of analyzing and observing different aspects of the person.

AirbORn - hey yeah! definitely try and come out. we go every Sunday!

Shaddix - I’ll try… but no promises :slight_smile: got a pretty tight schedule these days


hie digital robert,those are some incerdible sketches…its professional stuff…all the sketches are done confidently:)


ms@zx - Thank you for the kind words

here’s a page from Sunday Feb 20


Hey thanks to all those that keep coming out each and every Sunday!

This Sunday’s session has been cancelled for me… I have a lot to do with deadlines coming up.

Next session will resume on March 13th, 2005. Hope to see you all there!

Here’s some sketches from the last session.


i really wish i could be there…well, its kinda long way for just a day of sketching.
seems like i have to hang on, doing the ‘ringbahn’ sketching in berlin for quite some time.


jOBe - lol… yes that would be quite a travel to come here all the way from Berlin just for a couple hours of sketching :slight_smile:

Hey it’s back! Toronto Subway Sketch Group! Man, it was great fun yesterday! Here’s some sketches…