Bobby Chiu's Kuala Lumpur Subway Sketch Group 2005


Bobby Chiu’s [color=red]Kuala Lumpur Subway Sketch Group JUNE 2005

MEETING LOCATION: KL Sentral Station, Near McD
MEETING DAY: Sundays, 04:00 PM - 04:30 PM
CONTACT PERSON:: Avi, cdtavijit ‘at’, 016 3 572 576
MEETING NOTES: This is just the starting, lets circulate this around and start the meeting from next week, June 19th onwards. I will come with a redish t shirt written “aiyah” :thumbsup:
Other information: Although we dont have subway, but we have LRTs, and i think KL sentral would be nice place since you can come here by putra, ktm or mono rail. Sorry for those who are taking STAR, just change in Masjid Jamek ya.

Dont worry if your drawing isnt great, I cant really draw (seriously, i am a starter), but lets just get together so that we can improve.

For the sketch group i am bought a web space of 2 GB next week and i would like to ask you all to suggest a domain name for it.

And ya, pls suggest suitable timing and location too. And I will keep the news posted here and also in the upcoming website. :wise:

DISCLAIMER: The creator of this thread, CgNetworks And CGTALK is not responsible on what happen on these meetings. The persons are meeting under their own accord and their actions are their own. The parties mentioned before are not responsible in no way shape or form for their actions and thus are not liable.

Website: Visit our website here (nothing is up, plain text file, and using my domain name for the time being)


- meeting date/time, is it on: 19th June Sunday, at the McDoland at/inside the SENTRAL station?
Ans: For the time being, yes, it is on 19th June, Sunday, and at KL sentral station. If we got less ppl we can hog a table or two inside mcD and draw. If many ppl, we can go one floor down or see what can be done.
For next meetings, we might as well go KLCC as i think they have more place to sit than KL sentral station. but, lets see how. I will survey the place and post a photo before meeting. Dont worry. =D

- how many people are coming to the meeting?
Ans: I have posted only for 5 hours, and ad got 10 ppl coming. I am not sure I should have happy or scared.

- what do u need (us to bring) to the meeting?
Ans: sketches, sketches, and materials to sketch. We are not asking for portfolios, we are not employers. Just bring your sketch book where we can see what you have done last week or like that while you were waiting for the public tranport or for a friend or what so ever.

- Is the session only for half an hour?
Ans: No no. Since this is the first meeting, i put the buffer timing of half an hour. Get to know ppl, chit chat, and wait for others.

- so someone will do some demo at mcD? will it be too noisy?
Ans: haha, if someone is willing, why not. But for now, i think it will just be more of a personal approach. We show our drawing, no matter how bad it is, and we give constructive ideas on how it can be improved.

edit: ok, since the question popped up (thanks tintoy again), i contacted some people. And it might happen that someone might come to give a demo. I dint ask stahlberg yet, but i was currently looking for someone not that high profile as a start up.

- So how the meeting will be like?
New Idea: We will take the transit and we will draw on this. Say, we take the Putra LRT from KL sentral station. Then we go all the way up to terminal Putra (which is 14 station = 42 mins) and we keep drawing in the train, sitting or standing.
Then we all get down at that station, gather, and discuss about the drawings, share the experience, tips bla bla bla.

We dont have to be in the same place; we can cover the whole train. This way its more fun. right? haha. If anyone objects why you are drawing, give others a call, and we get together inside. muahahah. :twisted:

Then we board again, go back to KL sentral, get down, and discuss again. And then we go back home and meet up next week.

Total cost: 2.40 X 2 = 4.80 rm. Or if you dont want to get out of the station, just buy one way; it counts on distance not on timing.

But this is just the current idea. I pasted the LRT map here so that you all can suggest if you think other stations, or taking KTM would be better. And if you think this is crazy or stupid, suggest something else please.

And i suppose its better than sitting and drawing; at least different than what we do normally.

(image courtesy of KL monorail group: pls view the original here: )

old idea: for now, the idea is like this, (which is of course not fixed) : we bring our sketch book, show it to others, and others give suggestions on how to improve.

Now, we need to post this also right? So, it would be great if you could scan it and bring it in a cd or sthing. But in case you cant, we can scan for u, but you need to give us that page for that day which we will give you back next week. We will compile it like the bobby chiu’s drawing, and post it up under everyones name like the daily sketch group winners =D

Best sketches? Prizes?

  • So far, we are thinking every month we will vote and make the best sketch page as page of the month and one as level winner who shows most improvement. But then again, we will decide it in the meeting and lesse what everyone thinks. I will see if CGtalk can do anything about it or not. Not confirm about this one yet.

And thanks a lot to tintoy for asking these questions. And also others who asked.


yay,i’m in!!:bounce::bounce:


sounds like a neat idea… well i certainly will make it into my schedule for tis.

yahoo messenger: khorph7


Yay baybee!! Count me in!!! woohoo!! cant sketch but wut da heck!?:bounce: :bounce:

I think KL sENTRAL is a nice place to start and sketch…why not eh?
wOW thats superb…a domain for this sketchgroup?? a name?

hmm… :bounce: :bounce:


Thats the spirit man, I cant do it either, so here is the chance to learn. =D and then go back and practice, practice, practice =D

hahahaha, cant stop laughing. I like the name, but we will open it for more suggestion. =D okie?
KL sentral is nice in the sense that its a junction for most of the LRTs.


cool man. lets meet and have fun. hohoho. get more ppl if can, if cannot also nvm. =D



I was with my friend at McD’s and I saw two girls sketching and drawing figures and I told my friend “hey we should do the same thing !”…although I’m not sure but I’ll try my best to gather up people around

btw I think this thread could go under general discussions to be spread properly !



wah. haha. i dont know those girls!!! But i think we might just ask them to join us and share their work too. haha.

and forum mod wants us to post it here, so we cant post it in general discussion. sorry
:sad: blame roberto about this if you want :twisted: muhahaha
(roberto, i am innocent here haha)

so come join ya.


sounds fun! i wanna join too:bounce:


hi bobby chiu

just heard about this thread, m a recent , fresh graduate in art as well.

I’m kind of an illustration and animation freak, so since I got some spare time, I thought I would join this group, to improve my life drawing and perspective. Well , I’m just level in art , not that good either yet, but tryin to improve bit by bit.

Anyway, when’s the meeting? you can count me in, will need the details.




yo, shadox is back yo! hehe i thougt this thread wouldn’t last but huhh… looks like msia cg’ers united again! hehe well my current sem, life drawing 2 class, yes sketchbook is part of ASSIGNMENT, to be submitted like every two weeks so yeah this activity would surely help me going tru my works! so i’m in although i can’t promise to be there every session, anyway be sure to keep this thing goes on, and feel free to keep on sharing ya sketches in this thread !! c’mon dude lets showoff lol~

p/s - those who came for last gatherin’ know what’s on my first page of sketchbook… ‘foreword’ from mr… hehehehehhhh


anyway, our hero stahlberg found out cool links bout that guy i mentioned to him that day… check out his ‘vilppu added to bla bla…’ thread, the grandmaster of life drawing himself mr Glenn Vilppu shares his skills of life drawing with us, lots of chapters i would suggest y’all save some, like quick sketch section, these would really, really help our life drawing session…! eh, bluewolf i think we should meetup at Mcdonald’s cause i dont think we could find Mcdoland in KL Sentral

(Chien, Bobby Chiu is not here dude lol)


shadoxicated :: thanks for the info on Glenn , to get a headstart, i would paste a link :

And i dint understand what you meant by " think we should meetup at Mcdonald’s cause i dont think we could find Mcdoland in KL Sentral" ???

Not sure what you meant, but there is a McD in KL sentral station. I will post a picture soon.

chien :: We are not Bobby Chieu, at least not me (i would have been freaking proud man if i was!! haha). But we wanna excel like him too. So thats why the gathering is, to practice and to share the knowledge how others practice. SO that we (those who are bad at it) can learn a lot from the pro. And those who are pro can practice some more to improve =D

G-hand :: Cool Man!! lai lai =p

for others :: I have just bought the 2GB web space, so for those who doesnt have a space, we can upload our sketches here to link it to the cgtalk or local communities. =)

ok, logging off now, back to office work :slight_smile:


dbluewolf thats just great that you started a group up!

To get this started a bit, if anyone would like pointers on how I sketch, you can PM me and I’ll check out your “Sketch Group Thread” and make comments or even redraw a few drawings for you if you request it.

Would that be something people might be interested in?


hello bobby chiu,i’m more that pleased for u to drop by,we’r hoping to make this sketch group a success.i’m definitely interested in having to comment my work and i’m sure each and everyone here would be more than delighted for u to do that too:)

this thread is sizzling up pretty fast


It is surely gladly that bobby himself can drop by and its an honor if my sketch redrawn by bobby! whoa…

Yeap…its sizzling…the climax is at 19th june…hehehe…cant wait.:bounce:


wah. thats fantastic!!! Yea, i am sure we will do that. I have no doubt that we would want that. Haha. One of the guys as you can see, he even thought that you are here hahaha.
But now, if you can really take the time and redraw some, that would be cool, or comment on it.

But for the time being, thanks a lot. I will PM soon to ask more questions ya. =)


Ya!! =D

By the way guys, i just bought some web space for us. But i am still thinking how could we possibly scan the drawing right in the KL sentral station so that we dont have to bring it scan it and give back and save lot of troubles.

Any idea? anyone with laptop? slim scanners? hmmmmmmm… seearching now


Mercì, c’était ton idēe (go ask the guy sitting two comp next to you =p)


this is so cool. its about time someone start something like this. but not sure if i could make the time. hehe. will check out the website though!