boat waves


Hi, …
I have a little problem with the creation of waves outgoing from a boat. I already created and animated a niose on the water plane but i have no ideas, how i could solve this problem. Any help would be nICE.


Try reactor maybe?


dreamscape is also a viable option if you have the budget. Sini Sati is the company name, might have spelt it wrong. they also make afterburn.

If you have no budget, then reactor will do it, just drag the boat through the water, and bingo, but you will need a high res mesh, and reactor is only really for low res stuff, so be prepared to wait alot.


realflow allos you to simulate waves and it was pretty easy to learn aswell. It´s fully functional if you are using it for your own personal use. Otherwise it´s cheap to buy!


Its cheap to buy ? its $1200 for that price you could buy XSI and Zbrush, and still have $200
left over… Glu3d is only $295 thats a reasonable price for something you’re only going to use once in a while.


If you do not wish to create physically correct waves you coul try messing around with ‘Wave’ and ‘Ripple’ space warps. This may be enough if your boat is stationary.


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