Bmw Z4, M. 'youth' Akos (3D)


Title: Bmw Z4
Name: M. ‘youth’ Akos
Country: Hungary
Software: Maya, 3ds Max, V-ray


BMW Z4, my latest work, I hope you like it…
It was modeled in Maya (poly) and rendered in 3d max with V-ray. The render time was about 2:30 h, original size: 1536x830




>> Hi resolution image <<


Very impressive model of one of my favorite cars!
Got any other views you can show us?


Quite Nice work.
Modeling a car is easy now a days, if you animate it, it would be something uniqe.:wise:
Keep it up

Best Regards


Woooooow! :eek:

Very Nice Work! Cool render! :thumbsup:

maya render nem volt eleg jo? :slight_smile:



Other view:

Hi res:


Very clean model and great render!
Keep the good stuff coming :smiley:


Hi Youth!

[left]Good to see that you’ve finally submitted this car to other forums, such as CGTalk. :slight_smile:
The model is great, but the interior could use some more detail, and the mesh seems somewhat bumpy especially when looking at the reflections.
The first (submitted) image of this Z4 is amazing, the soft warm tones, and nice gradients make it look like a professional studio photograph.
Nice work there man!



very good work but there is a thing that is not “normal”

the front gird of the car is to smoth compar to the original…

litlle detail, very good work


wow man, looks real :slight_smile:


really nice car…can u tell me how did u do the reflections of the car…did u use any hdri or something…?


Thanks guys!!

Sas: hat igen van meg mit tanulni mayaban, amig nem tudok renderelni benne rendesen addig marad a max. Koszi hogy irtal!

Smooth: Yes i had used HDRI panorama and I added a little glow in PhotoShop.

Elfenoir: ye, i know… the car have some mistake.

More C&C welcome!


I wish it were… either that or I am making a very easy subject into the hardest thing in the world to do because I can’t model like this. :sad:

Nice model BTW, I love the Z4… one day, it will be mine…:twisted:


I agree with LeeC, even though we see great cars a lot from this community, it’s still a challenge to get a nice clean mesh that creases where it should and doesn’t where it shouldn’t.

This being said, I have a question for you Youth!

I’m new to Maya :eek: and noticed that where your car’s panels separate there doesn’t seem to be a bunch of close cuts to achieve this sharp edge (since it looks like you’re using polys with a polysmooth node). Is there a way in Maya to “weight” the smoothness of certain areas, or are your cuts just so close together that I can’t see them? Thanks!


this is really great, love the car and ofcourse your work… amazing

keep it up


wow really nice car !!!

good job !


Great work! :eek:

Tetszik rajta a finom „glow”.


thats a beautiful car render. Nice clean mesh. What modeling technique did you use? Is this you first car? did you refer to any tuts?

this is one of the nicest car renders ive seen. The z4 is a very atractive vehicle and you did a great job presenting it in all its beauty. Love to see it animated. Very nice.


very nice work-great render


I used poly technic. You can see the wire in my first post.
Once I modeled a Citroen Xsara Picasso, but it was terrible, so Z4 is my first car that I show…
I used references like blueprint and photoes as well, but I didn’t use tutorial.
More C&C welcome!!


It"s very very photorealistic!
Good & hard work!