Bmw M3, Sameh Abdou (3D)


Title: Bmw M3
Name: Sameh Abdou
Country: Egypt
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

these car ( BMW M3 2004 )…
my first modeling a car
colors like sincity ( movie )
I hope you like it
I welcome Comments
sorry for my bad english


first model car??? wow…my first is very bad…without words to coment your work…so beautiful…



first car, man that is cool

well done


looks very nice,
u’re doing great for a first car, keep them coming. :thumbsup:


Nice one Sameh, great looking render for your time modelling a car

Nice clean textureless render at the bottom, im impressed



Looks pretty good for your first model…a few mesh problems at the back but thats about it!


wow, how man hours did it take you?


thanks all feedback

take me 2 hours render & one week because my pc it is old ( P4 2.4 256 ram )


SweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT! I love it make my Ferrari enzo look bad ;). Could I get some insight on that ground effect?


great work ya sameh, zay el foll. :thumbsup:

The ONLY thing that i can see is not as good as the rest of the car, is the car’s Windshield glass material, especially the front Windshields, all the rest is AWESOME, including the rims and paint material. you should model the interior and make the tinted windshields more light and seethrough.

dayman shee2 momte3 en el wa7ed yeshoof mawheba masreya :thumbsup:


thnks ahmed

im very busy and speed my pc to slow to make interior car :sad:


Thats a pretty cool render man! I love it

I wonder how good your future cars will look like :thumbsup:


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