Bmw 330ci, Yueh Ching Hong (3D)


Title: Bmw 330ci
Name: Yueh Ching Hong
Country: United States
Software: After Effects, Maya, mental ray


This image is for light matching practice. The car is modeled in Maya. I have them rendered into passes, and compositing in After effects. Render using mentalray, no GI or FG using.

Background image from, it’s an amazing site that loaded with HiRes images.

C&C are very wellcome~

for more of my works, they are available at



in terms of matching light, u have done a very, very nice job, congrats!

the side of the car closest to the light source is angled correctly but i think the view lens needs to be dropped so the car truley matches the background. possibly the shadow cast by the car is rather sharp.

the purpose of ur task has deffinetly been executed well.
if u edit it in any way,
re-post the image


Here’s the new image, I basicall rematch the camera and adjust the lights and reflection maps. Also fix the shdow too.
hope you’ll like it~


Hmm, nice but some steps necessary for a perfect compositing. I never did one, so I’m not in the position to help you with it. From my “no-idea-position” I’ll try to say something. The main problem in that is the lightning. The shadow there is a bit, ehhh, crazy. Lightning should be very dark exactly under the car. The shadow is very long with no gradiant steps. Is that possible?

I have some crits on the car, too:
You should do something with the headlights. They are quite dark.


bg looks good… car model looks good… but i didnt liked car texture, lights on car and shadows… composite is not perfect…perspective doesnt match


Rainless, thanks for ur comments.
I didn’t put up the core shadow, I think that’s why makes u feel weired~
I’m also fixing the ref map and the bounce light from the building,
I’ll post it up after I finish:)


:scream: good job I likey!!


Looks out to the parking lot

Looks just like my car. Nice job!


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