Bmw 323i, Chrissisco (3D)


Thank you very much lildragon. I will be sending you some high res images soon.

xeno: thanks for the compliment.

Thanks once again!!!

Chris Sisco


Great work! Next step a 760i? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Nose: Thanks allot for the compliment, but I have to say you have one of the best images I have ever seen right below the words “lingerie salesman”!!!

Thanks Again!!!


This is the same car you have on highend3d, no?

I know making an accurate car cn be a difficult, time consuming task.

I would like to mention some of the flaws in the modeling.
The car looks like it was made using the polygon smoothing technique, and as a result appears slightly “soft” and malformed.

The headlights are the wrong shape, as well as the kidney grills.

The body looks like it has dents in it.

This may sound harsh, but there are many positives about your model as well, I thouroughly enjoyed the tires, and the wheel arches.

Keep up the good work, and newxt time say it is a 330 so people
think you have more money.


Puulease. First off this is an old thread I forgot I even posted it’s been soo long. Second, the car is well modeled! I love when someone new gives a harsh crit, let us see an example of what you can do, maybe then your crit would hold a little more water if you showed us an amazing car model of your own. Anyone can crit, but until you have the skill and knowledge of what it takes to create a model of this level, you come off sounding bitter, maybe jealous.:thumbsdow :annoyed:


Originally posted by chrissisco
Nose: Thanks allot for the compliment, but I have to say you have one of the best images I have ever seen right below the words “lingerie salesman”!!!

Hahaha, yeah I heard that before, thanks! It was a advertisement in a local newspaper from a company looking for Java programmers. That’s why the text “GetStringFromOjb()” is over it. I also liked it very much and that’s why I made it as an avatar :wink:


Nose: don’t ever change that picture!!!

Tbonz816: Thanks for the complements, and you took the words right out of my mouth. However if I had given a reply such as the one you gave I would have come off as one cocky son of a “###$#$” Thanks again!!!

Unwanted_Pain: Yes, it is the same car as the one on Highend 3d. You can also rip that one apart to if you would like!!! He He!!!


actually, I have to agree with Unwanted_Pain. :hmm:

The curved area below the headlights are just slightly off.
There’s a bumpy area right around the taillights there, in fact the whole rear area around the license plate is a little off.
The door handles looks a little weak also… too round, and no key holes!

But the one thing that really bugs me, is that you didn’t make an interior! Opaque tinted windows can only go so far…

But hey, I know cars aren’t easy to do right, I’ve been working on a BMW for the past few months. Oh well, nice job overall, good luck on your next projects.


Chrissisco, no problem man I know what it takes to make something like that that’s why I replied. I’m not saying it’s a perfect model, but come on guys seems like you’re giving a harsh crit just to establish that you have the knowledge to create such a thing, and that you can do it better. Let’s see what you’ve got. Thank you Siskel and Ebert!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Don’t hate the player, hate the game!


Well, I give critisism because it’s helpful. I appreciate it when people tear my art pieces apart and let me know all the things I could improve on. It’s much more helpful than “I like it”

And of course it doesn’t mean the piece is bad at all. Didn’t think it was such a touchy subject though. :shrug:


To All,
I just want you guys to know that I do appreciate all the Crit’s, whether good or bad. After all these posts are put here to help all of us to become better at whatever style of art we produce. However some of these crit’s are inaccurate. I think it has to do with people comparing this model to an early BMW. Rather than the actual year, make and model I was reproducing. Like I said before Thanks for all your comments. I guess I will just have to build another car and see what type of responses I get then. Thanks again.


NIce man gO oN, :applause: :applause:


:eek: Very nice…:thumbsup:


I’m not very impressed by this… The model is not at all accurate, and it’s very dented and blobby all over… Seems CG people are having hard times judging car models :wink: Rating: Average.


A few neg. points, I think you should move the actual headlamp lenses a bit further forward, and the kidney grille needs to be a bit bigger.


Great work,great object,good external.
How long the rendering?


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