Bmw 323i, Chrissisco (3D)


Hello All,
This is my first post on CGtalk, just wanted some feed back on my BMW.



Cool stuff, I like it really:)


wow, that’s great… my fav car too… more pics? stats? thanks!


wow, That’s one fine piece of modeling! I think the car is very nice.

To the crits:

The wheels, I don’t like the material, maybe chrome it up, it’s too white.

And the background scene bothers me a bit, use depth of field to blur it. Also the bricks on the ground are to bumpy and to large, I would scale them down about 3 times.

Also I think the render is a bit grey, brighten it up.

Great work, keep us posted! Your modeling skills are very good!

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen


Good work…
Can we see some wireframes…?



Here are the wire frames.


Wire frame rear.


Sweet, the mesh looks very clean nice.

Good work on materials too, maybe the rims can be tuned as mentioned.

Otherwise a very impressive piece of craftmanship !! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


man, you a good ! Great work!:applause:


WOW. This looks real to me.

Shure - one of the best car renders I have ever seen!

Perfect Job! :thumbsup:

Well done :wavey:


What kind of software do you use?

in fact the mesh looks beautifull



I like everything except the black windows. Superbly modeled.:slight_smile:


wow…its really nice.



bavarian engineering at it´s best! really nice model, but i have some crits. the tire-rim looks not original, too smooth.
also, the headlights should have a more reflevtive look. last but not least, the black windows look a little too “knight rider”-style, but i guess you didn´t model the interior, so that´s ok for me :wink:

overall, nice model!



Excellent. The mesh looks very nice and clean as said. ++ for you!

I dislike the windows however. Too dark. A subtle tint I think would look better (though seemingly with no interior I dont know how that’d look). I love the 323i so I really dig this model. :applause:


I think your “kidney grilles” are too small - from what I see in the render, but in the wireframe it looks normal…???

Another thing are the tail lights, they look too bubbly and maybe slightly too big.

good work though :thumbsup:


Cool work …

WoWoW …
It seems to be real !


Hello All,

Thanks for all the input! Seeing from the responses I have received, I think I need to model the interior of the car!

I’m also going to put different rims on it as well. I was trying to build an exact replica of my car, but I put new rims on the vehicle and need to change the 3D model to reflect the real one. Hopefully I will have some time in the near future to put all your suggestions to good use and model the inside.

The soft ware I used was “3D Studio Max 4” and the hard ware “Pentium III 550 with 256 Megs of Ram”. The challenge I set forth was to create a realistic car in Max with out the use of any plugins and without using Photoshop for touch ups.

Thanks once again,

Chris Sisco


Digging up some of the classics, please send me a higher res image for the gallery :wink:

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is this a photo or what! its looking pretty damn sweet!