BMW 120, Ryan Qu (3D)


Title: BMW 120
Name: Ryan Qu
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Rhino, VRay

Hey guys!!
this is from our demo real stills.the modeling useing rhino and 3dmax.rendering by vray.because I like vray’s depth of field and motion blur.
I regret the cars detail not much.becuse we are no time and only a little big photos form internet.
please look at below of thia page ,I add other stills


Very nice render. Car looks clean and has good detail. BG looks great too. Friend just asked me if it was a photograph.


I like it!!! I like it a lot!!did you use vray sun?


soooo nice … 5 star


looking very cool, full car shot would be nice :wink:


my favourite car and one of the best design of now cars perfect job


Nice render!!!


perfectly done, looks like a real photo.


good work! I like the reflections, and the dof is so cool :slight_smile:


Beautiful render. Very well done.


very good work :slight_smile:


Amazing… great render :thumbsup:


thanks all and continue


yes ,i use vr sun +vr sky!


very cool!
like the real photo! :thumbsup:


thank all!


i like the first image more than the second one. It looks very cool! :thumbsup:


super class model and render…*****:thumbsup:


also about the convertible m3.
and here is my m3 interior , not finish yet .



first exterieur is very realistic. the interieur is realistically lit, but would need more composed lighting, if it was a product shot. anyway, did you model the interieur yourself, or is it a commercial product ?