Blury Reflections In Maya 6


I’ve just found out that you can render them using Maya shader, so I used them to render this attached picture.
I will share the scene file with textures maybe it will help someone one day:rolleyes:



Here is the file:
Enjoy !


hello lazzhar, nice model , did you tried to use the Mentalray Reflection Utility? its 50% faster than the Maya/Mentalray built in version.check the highend3d website, you will find that utility there.:thumbsup:


slipknot66 thanks
yeah, I used to render all my glossy reflection with the Reflection Utility,it really rocks, but I didnt bother using custom shaders or render to passes ,so I could get everthing in one file.


Thanks for providing the scene, its great to learn from :thumbsup:


:eek: wow!!! really cool picture. looks very realistic. Thx you for posting the scene. That would be a cool training aid for me. :bounce:


lazzhar, Cant seem to download your scene file of the model, Has the address changed? It looks great and i would really like to leatn from it.


Hi iddidy
The link is still working. Just try to right click then save as. if it doesnt work I will give you another link.


lazzhar, Thanks for your reply, unfortunatly the file will not load - error reading file. I am running Maya 5.0. I am fairly new to maya, i can only guess that the file was made in a later version (6) that is not compatable with 5.

I there a way to fix this?

Many thanks


The title of the thread should answer your question.


Yes it wont work in 5.0.1
You could convert it but the rendering will be different I guess. First I planned to build it using the 5.0.1 but I had to use DGS or other MR shaders, while Maya 6 is giving a quick and fast solution.


Thanks lazzhar, it’s good. Thanks your file.

Could you talk about your working process, like : how did you know where you must put another light? how many lights is enought for sence? how did you konw what value is ok in your material value? where to put the reflection plane? …etc

Sorry ,too much questions. I want to learn about lights and render, to make my work more great.
I try to do as best as I can, but I think I still need some knowledge and experience from someone. Thanks your answer!!


Hi super
In fact I’ve written exactly what you asked for, but it was for the french-speaking comunity. I would write some description if guys here asked, but it seems they dont need it :wink: lol just joking .
Well here is the link to the description:
Hope you’ll fin dit useful.You could try to translate it in Altavista. And if you dont understand something just ask here, i’ll be here all the time.
Good luck.


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