Blur's BlurBeta Tools are back online! Now with XSI And Max Tools!


Double woot woot, thanks again :slight_smile:


Man, this takes me way back to when I sat next to the Great Neil Blevins! He who rocket jumps higher than a mighty gazelle :wink:



Complain, not; but :cry:


Wow, thanks, this is really nice of you guys. I have to get python working for XSI on Vista 64 before I can use them, but will be tinkering soon. So, what does the improved GUI creation part do? That sounds really interesting.


Check out element storm. That shit is sick, its in development but its going to be a maxscript flow thing. Sort of like tp and particle flow but for scripting. Thats the one im most pumped about. Its main purpose is to set up render elemtns but its potential is ****ing huge


Heh… i feel for you. I have 2009 at home, and i’m way too lazy to install 2008. :smiley:


Push for 2009… together! Puuuuush! :beer:


hehe… we got a while – the programmers are busy with other projects right now, and there’s no real need for us to switch yet, though some of the mental ray stuff is pretty nice. :smiley:


hmm … shouldn’t the Max 2009 part be only a recompile of the Script Extension Plugins ?

I’m quite sure there will be a few probs, but i guess it would run quite okay on Max 2009
scripts always had better compatibility across versions…

If your dev team is to busy - give me the Plugins source :wink: - or better Dave Baker from -
he had done a million recompiles where the source have been given to him exclusevly.
This way he safed really lot of great stuff from disappearing over versions jumps…


afaik the recompile isn’t a hard one, but they haven’t gotten around to it yet since we aren’t switching yet. You guys shouldn’t have to wait too long though. I’m sure they wouldn’t care about having somebody else do the quick recompile for them, but it’d be pointless since they might be doing more than just recompile anyway depending on what’s going on at the time.


Well, I think the last person to carry the torch was Dave Humphreys before he left for ILM, but I’m happy to have been a part of the history of blurbeta. And of course don’t forget Brandon Davis, my scripting cohort, and Steve and Scott, who’s plugins started it all.

Anyways, glad to hear documentation is on the way, even just a simple one line saying what something does. I know how much writing documentation sucks, but it is sooo necessary. :slight_smile:

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No, it is I who was honored to have sat near the muscles from brussels :slight_smile:

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the TreeGrunt-Interface provides a help-area where most or at least many of the scripts have some -
well … “rudimentary” overview and description of what it does and how to use it…


When I load Max 9 after installing the tools I get this maxscript error:

>> MAXScript Auto-load Script Error - C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 9\stdplugs\stdscripts\baseLib\ Exception: – Syntax error: at imgTagPlus, expected <rollout control>
– In line: imgTagPlus u <<


How can i get the new Blur BETA tools work? You can grab oficially from here:

First of all there´s no way to determine with pass i wanna instal at. so have to manually move stuff to where my max is located.when i fire up max after having moved everything. After i installed the documentation (where i normally would search for help) it doesn´t say where it was installed to…and for the production tools it says i couldn´t find C:\blur…so no readme…

when i fire up max9-32 i get the error displayed in teh first attachment.

So how do i have to configure the config.ini to make the new tools work?
the pathmap in it says:

  environment		= Offline
  version			= 2.0
  dataRoot		= \\blurdev/data
  codeRoot		= \\blurdev/code
  pluginsRoot		= [codeRoot]/lib/Plugins
  blurRoot		= c:/blur
  previewRoot		= s:
  projectsRoot	= g:
  rendersRoot		= q:
  libraryRoot		= k:/library
  documentRoot	= [libraryRoot]/documentation
  userPlugPath	= h:/public/[username]/blur/plugCfg
  maxPlugPath		= [userPlugPath]/3dsMax
  xsiPlugPath		= [userPlugPath]/XSI
  startupPath		= \\blurdev/code/lib
  startupPath		= \\blurDev/beta/code/lib
  codeRoot		= \\blurDev/beta/code
  startupPath		= C:/blur/dev/local/code/lib
  codeRoot		= C:/blur/dev/local/code
  blurRoot		= p:/Premiere_Project
  previewRoot		= [blurRoot]/production
  projectsRoot	= [blurRoot]/production
  rendersRoot		= [blurRoot]/production
  startupPath		= C:/blur/dev/offline/code/lib
  codeRoot		= [blurRoot]/dev/offline/code
  dataRoot		= [blurRoot]/dev/offline/data
  userPlugPath	= [blurRoot]/prefs
  previewRoot		= [blurRoot]/production
  projectsRoot	= [blurRoot]/production
  rendersRoot		= [blurRoot]/production
  libraryRoot		= [blurRoot]/library

Let´s asume i have installed my max like it was sugested in the installation routine of max:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 9 and
C:\Documents and Settings\Anselm\Local Settings…

how do i have to change the config.ini to make it all work? i can´t find any documentation even having installed it…I moved the files from the C:\root to where my max is located manually bt that doesn´t help at all…

so how can i remove the tools again since they dont appear in the system settigns>software list or dont get uninstalled entirely like the production tools…

EDIT: i went thru the max installations and removed anything manually. hope i grabbed everything :slight_smile: so now that i have a clean slate again lets help me out of my missery :smiley:


Man, this takes me way back to when I sat next to the Great Neil Blevins! He who rocket jumps higher than a mighty gazelle

You old schoolers have not faced the force of Andrew during quake. You would weep… :smiley:


^I weep every day… unless I’m on your team, in which case we are an unstoppable force. :twisted:




Very cool.

Just finished skimming the code documentation to get an idea of what to expect. Based just on the classes and functions available Element Storm sounds very interesting.

The part that I’m most curious about though is the QUI stuff. Did you implement some new advanced rollout UI elements or are they just easier ways to call commonly used UI templates?


thanks blur guys. i’ve always had a “blur” folder in my plugin folder for some time now. glad to see the update.

3ds max seems incomplete without the BlurLib file in there.