Blur's Aquabash Party - Thanks!


Hey! Thanks to every one that came out for Blur’s Aquabash party! What a great time! Great atmosphere, great drinks, AWESOME acrobatic girls, and Crystal Method was frickin’ stellar! We got word back from Crystal Methods manager who reported that they had a great time performing at the party and went on to say that it was the best crowd they ever had for a private function. Who knew a bunch of computer nerds could party down so well.

Anyway, thanks for coming out! It was a night to remember :slight_smile:


That party was off the chain. Thanks for throwing it, and thanks to Ryan for the tickets.


Oh yeah and if anyone took some good photos of the party send em over to me at


yeah thanks to everyone who showed up, and I hope everyone had as good a time as me…

I was REALLY impressed by how many people were there, yet how friendly the atmosphere was.

mucho mucho fun.


Next year you’ve got to do it again, so us shlubbs who couldn’t swing tickets this year can get in. Better yet, book an even bigger venue and charge a small cover fee to cover the added costs.

I ended up not being able to get tickets so I can’t speak to how awesome it was, but I want to thank you guys for throwing such a high-profile party anyhow. The other parties I went to rocked but to get a huge ticket show like Crystal Method is amazing! Now… get Oakenfold or Chemical Brothers and we’ll have to have Thunderdome matches for tickets!


Comon guys…lets see some pictures of this party…!

Sounded like a great time, really wish I could of been there.

Blur is one of the best…


Kick ass party! :slight_smile:


Best Party Ever!



Um… I’d say something more sensical/expressive… maybe later on a day when I’ve not been up to 4am the night before cavorting around like a posessed crazy person.

Well, as one of them said at the time (if I may quote directly): “You guys are ****ing amazing!! Not just amazing-- ****ING AMAZING!!”

Think that pretty well sums it up.

Oh yeah-- and KingMob knows how to boogey. :smiley:


Man, Shisseesahh, this oughta be FRONT PAGE stuff. Crystal Method. Good God. Blur Rocks and this proves it.

Mahlon Bouldin


I was there, it looked and sounded awesome, but got turned away at the door cause my girlfriend is 2 months shy of 21. Oh well. Maybe next year.


damn right I know how to boogie… just not very well :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and gnarly is a hell of a dancer herself :smiley:


****ign awsome… thats all i have to say… ****ing awsome.
just wish i had takin more pictures.

haven’t danced like that in a long time.
for anyone whose curious i was the only guy with a BLUR shirt dancin on the two platforms. =)


>>>but got turned away at the door cause my girlfriend is 2 months shy of 21
That sucks, my brother is 3 months shy and he got in, we were shocked.

The party did kick ass…and Thank you everyone for making it great, especially Blur for making it happen.


yeah, that night was awesome! Started off at the EA Party at their new studio, enjoyed the free drinks and grub, then made it to the Blur party. That party was awesome. the whole week rocked!!!


Hey yeah, thanx for the party! I finally managed to score a ticket. Best time I’ve had since I moved to L.A. in April. :buttrock: The OPEN BAR until midnight didn’t hurt either! I think I had 5 red bull & vodkas. And the aerial scarf act was an awesome way to introduce The Crystal Method. Really great time and a perfect venue for both the show and for schmoozing on the rooftop. :thumbsup: Thanks, and I hope I can make it in next year!


notice that the free red bull and vodkas were mostly vodka and …vodka’s? I guess the redbull costs more than the vodka so when it was free they skimped on the bull…which is a.o.k with me.

glad you had fun :slight_smile:


no kidding about the red bull and vodkas! was it me dancing or the vodka? hmmm…

anyways, kick ass party. I was right upfront and in the middle - talking about the great view!

Thanks, Blur!


Good times were definitely had by all! I wont have to work out for a week after all that dancing :buttrock:


… didn’t have a ticket… should have gone anyways… :hmm: