Blur Studio's Rockfish preview clip


I happen to notice on Blur’s website ( a short clip from their new animated short, for anyone interested.

EDIT by MOD: Only the Small quicktime link works at the moment


Wow, that was pretty sweet.
Cant wait to see the final product!

Blur :buttrock:


looks awesome! I cant wait to see the full thing.

Plugged it on the front page.


Hooo… I need more! :thumbsup:


LoL the website is being HAMMERED good luck seeing this.


Hmmm, call me unimpressed. It’s looking like a video game cinematic so far…

Like to see the whole thing, but it’s hard to expect much based on this clip.


strangly the main character resembels Tim Miller… how did that happen?! :shrug: :wink:

but really nice stuff… especially the scenery… neato…


They originally posted the whole short, but I guess they took it down because they’re still showing it. I have it somewhere on my hard drive, but I don’t think they’d be too happy if some of us that got it early pass it along.
Very impressive work to say the least!

Hey Sheep Factory,
You live in S.F. ? Whereabouts are you working and stuff?


I seen this about a week ago. Still waiting for the larger .avi version. Pretty Cool animation there.


very impressive


Good job. Cool animation, cool design. Quality “blur”!!!



I was lucky enough to get a tour of blur studios about 2 months ago. and Tim Miller showed us the hole thing in a high depth plasma screen. I must say it was f***** amazing.
just wait till you guys actually see the rock fish, it’s freaking amazing. plus all the insane rocky brazil environments are unbelievable.
I will be very disappointed if this piece is not nominated, or earns at least a honorable mention.
seems like Tim and his team at blur put allot of energy and dedication on to this one.
it might be just me, but doesn’t the main character look just like Tim Miller??


:bounce: Wow~~~!I don’t want to wait to see the final thing!


It’s funny (or I should say sad) how this short got in the long list for oscar consideration and Final flight of Osiris didn’t!

You can find the list here:


Flight of the Osiris didn’t make it in because there was a screw up on there submission…Somebody sent the wrong piece of film and by the time they got the RIGHT one there the deadline had passed…at least that’s what I heard. BUT…Personally I feel that as cool as Flight of the Osiris, Gone Nutty and Mikes New Car are they stand on the shoulders (story-wise, characters and production design) of the feature films they were made with/from/for…not quite fair I think to run them with a 90minute “backstory” already in the minds of most viewers. A short should stand on it’s own merit (in the case of the Oscar categories). Just my 2 cents…

And just for the record the Character of Sirus does NOT look like me…other than the fact that he has a certain thuggish quality and his head is shaved…and that “design” element was done purely so that we didn’t have to deal with hair renders. :slight_smile:

For those of you that said kind words about the short–thanks. We’re going to put the whole piece on the website after the Oscars…regardless of what happens.

In my opinion though (having seen all the shorts) as proud as I am of Rockfish–and that pride comes from getting a chance to work alongside some really amazing animators here and seeing them do INCREDIBLE work under insane conditions–I think the best film is “Harvey Krumpet” the stop motion film from AU. Very funny and well done. We’ll be happy just to get nominated.

Tim Miller


…thats it? Whoop de do! Guess I need to see the whole thing.


Originally posted by puch
[B]It’s funny (or I should say sad) how this short got in the long list for oscar consideration and Final flight of Osiris didn’t!

You can find the list here: [/B]

That’s becuase it sucked.


Originally posted by AnimBot
That’s becuase it sucked.

or maybe it just didn’t get submited for consideration.


Yea Animbot does pieces like Osiris for fun when hes not doing stuff that “doesnt suck”.