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Blur Studio and Chaos Group gave us the first look at a case study on the use of V-Ray on the production of two recent game cinematics. With some exclusive imagery and words from the battleground, Kevin Margo takes up the story.




Interesting read…I never thought for an animation production vray would be faster than MR across the board… talking about quality … more about time …or is this just kool-aid?

Awesome work as always


Hold on a sec…
[left]They got Vray to do DOF, MB, GI, SSS, displacements and raymarched fog in a reasonable amount of time on a single pass?! Really?..hmmmm…

They must either have the whole block down consuming energy on a mega farm, or a pact with Lucifer to be able to get all those frames done in time.

Kick ass job BTW. I can’t believe that was done in 7 weeks…holy crap they must have run out of paper printing time sheets…


Nice Job there as usual! And good to see more non-vizualisation adaption of VRay!



Fantastic work. Even more so when you consider the time it was turned around.

And I agree, it’s always interesting to see software used for a broad spectrum of projects.


When you know how to optimise vray you can get Dof and MB and even an SSS workaround for next to nothing when re-using samples.
Disp was always fast. But fog not so.


DOF and motion blur means you need less antialiasing.


I use Vray and Mental Ray, but if is for animation and composite, Vray is better IMHO, because it haves a better integration with 3DsMax and gives more options in the time of the render passes and light\camera render.And the SSS2 is not bad at all nowadays. (is the only thing i like most in Mental Ray, the SSS - sometimes I use the SSS from Mental Ray and all the other render passes are from Vray).

Don’t know how was the render passes in this project, but yeah, you can save your renders passes in a single file (*.EXR) and open it all together in a composite software. And also, *.EXR gives you the option to work in 32 bits float, nice in the time of the grading.

Nice article by the way! :thumbsup:



thanks for the article
Vray is cool :bounce:


V-Ray was used on DC Universe Online and The Goon pitch? Kewl.


As I commented there, its great to see vray in an amazing production like this from one of the most talented studios.
I guess everybody that touches vray in a day to day production gets amazed with it. The basic thing is that it just works as it should, unlike some other renders…
The support from Vlado and the guys at chaos group is also priceless, this article is great to show that vray is not only great for archviz, but a complete renderer that can deal with any kind of job.


I worked at realtimeuk for years, then at nexus productions , both used VRay for ‘non-vizualisation’ projects. Frametime vs quality, it’s the best. I am using Mental Ray at the moment…feels like I jumped back 7 years.


Well, what can I say, blur rocks and VRay rocks too! :thumbsup: However, I agree the environment fog is still a darn slow story in vray. I hope to see improved and faster sampling methods in there in the future.


vray is a pretty good render engine and its damn cool to see blur use it for a proj like this. i’m so used to seeing it mostly used for arch viz renders.


I’m dying to try Vray – the simplest jobs with Mental Ray turn into a rendering nightmare about 50% of the time.


Vray deserve my respect. After test mentalray in Maya (and yell some wtf in my office),Imho, vray integration is much better.

btw, Congrats to Blur! for everything!


I heart Blur.

Loving the Aliens smartgun reference. :slight_smile:


Vray is actually very saturated at the moment. We do all our commercials with it and i mean… Tron and Real Steel are definitely using alot of Vray… it is a proven production renderer.


Digital Domain is using Vray for Tron Legacy?