Blueprints and Other Resources


Anybody know where to get some nice reference pictures of guns? doesn’t work out all the time, and my own personal collection isn’t THAT big. 12 guns isn’t enough :\


Help! I can’t find any blueprints or referance pics for modeling a 69 corvette stingray. I’ve cheched onnovanbraam and many of the other links posted in this form. can anyboy help?


Hi everyone!!

I’m looking for european military vehicle blueprints, specifically the Giat’s Vextra 105.
Anyone know a place where I can get a model sheet. Or any references.
I have photos, I need blueprints.




i’m trying to modeling a Shelby GT500 … i can’t find any blueprint

Someone could help me with this???


Where can i find sport blueprints? (soccer in particular)


Ok I am bet it has been asked before. I am looking for a simple but accurate character sheet of a human. I just need a outline of the body so I can pratice making humans. I am horrid at drawing.


ok here#s a request for something not seen often…

anyone ver seen blueprints of the EVA’s from Neon Genesis Evangelion?

i just can’t find any useful views, not tom ention real blueprints or sketches…
anyone know a resource for that?

thank you in advance!


:scream: Ive been searching for days! I cannot find a New Beetle Convertible blue print. I found one but - it is the concept vehicle and isnt accurate. Please help me! TIA



ever sent before ?
some kinda’blueprints


i saw a link to a great site but have since lost the url, can anyone help? the site has a forum where people posted high res pics of celebrities, mostly female models and actresses. they generally weren’t front/side mugshot pictures but there were great refernces if you wanted to model a particular person,

found it,


There is a great site here:

It contains hundreds of historic buildings which have been described and photographed for public record. All american buildings but everything from cabins to houses to hotels to windmills.

Many of them have blueprints too, and a very detailed. You have to do a bit of rooting around to find the really good ones. Some have 8 different blueprint views, a couple of dozen photos and other information.

(from the link above you can see the “highlights” of the records. If you click Browse Collection by subject, you find a massive list!) Unfortunately there isnt an easy way to tell from each link how many photos and blueprints they have for that building.

As an example I made a windmill, using blueprints from there:


Hey guys…

Im currently looking for Nissan Skyline R31 the sedan version blueprints. I looked on but the only ones they have there are dodge…and its only the side. Does anyone kno where any can be found?


Excellent site for motorcycle info. Has online copies of manufacturers parts fiche for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki motorcycles. All exploded views. Generally no front or side ortho shots though…


I don’t remember seeing this site in this thread so here it is…more car refs site



What im really looking for is drawings of superheroes(x-men types), mechs,sci-fi stuff that has both a frontal and side view for modeling purposes.i once had some links , but formatted and reinstalled OS.

Definitely need the front and side views.maybe someone knows.Actually ill take anything with both views.HEHE!


where can i get blueprint for anime “slamdunk” and “saint seiya” and also

some blueprints of animals like lions and tigers. thanks


Hello guys, where can i get blueprints of animals and

characters from anime “slamdunk” and “saint seiya”

I looked but nothing turned up, help please.


For a bunch of rim reference pics for car and some building reference pics as well as a few car pics. I am trying to upload as much GOOD pics as i can.
I have build up quite a collection of technical pictures as well as photographs of a lot of engines of cars.
Just check it out.


Here’s a great site for costume and uniform ref:

Go all the way down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see all kinds of different categories.


Hi Guys,
Blueprints of Buildings, Cars, Aircrafts, Ships and other military Stuffs like tanks are all available at this site. It’s a great site. Here…

check this out!