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My little humble addition:

look under references…:hmm:


Alot of Blueprints, some of them very rare, nice collection growing every day :slight_smile:


Can Everyone Please Post As Many Facial References as they can please, i have checked out all the ones in this forum that say face/head/facial, and there isnt much useful… if anyone knows of a good one please post, it will make my day…

im not really picky… anime,real,imaginary …anything really
but i would really prefer if it has alot of veiws… Top Left Front


-Baleric :drool:


i was sitting there thinking where i can get some facial pics with a couple of veiws… and then i thought of mug shots… most of the have a front and left veiw, its just the matter of finding a good one



Anybody got any good links for wwi or wwii guns, amunitions, etc. type blueprints?


hey all,

I’ve been looking on the internet for the past hour or so trying to find some blueprints for the Scion tC. If anyone knows of any links to where I could find some, or if you have any, please post them here, I’d love you, man style.

well maybe not so much, but I’d sure like you alot.

be ha


I just put up a section for the new Saleen S281 Mustang. Some of the pics are from when I went to the CA Intl Autoshow last weekend. Here is the link:

hey elpaso, im still looking for a tC print for ya bud


^from the same show, here are some reference/texture photos of the Shelby GR1 Concept


What I’ve really been looking for is some good front / side views of comic book characters.

[left]eg. X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, The Avengers ect.

And I’m not talking about manga characters just regular marvel comic type drawings.


I’ve been looking for refernce for a were wolf, front and side. I’ve looked everywere but can’t find anything. If anyone in this forum can find any pictures of a werewolf’s front, side it would be greatly apreciated. I would also like to know were i can get refs for dante from devil may cry, also front and back.


Me too…I’ve looked at dozens of Marvel and Comics related site, but couldn’t find anything usefull, since a lot of normal (non-side/front view drawings) are often made at unusual angles.


anyone know where i could find a blueprint/ref pics for a Toyota RevoGL? i tried googling but couldnt find any…


you might be able to find some pics of one here:

a blueprint for that van will be pretty hard to find though :shrug:


Hi, i’m looking for the anatomy reference of a girl…better if a top model because i have to model the body of a 18-20 year old girl (not manga proportions but realistical)
Anyone can help me?



You could try or


thank you for the reply but the first is a pay site, the second has references in too low resolution…

Anyway the references i’m looking for can be also drawings of a female anatomy, the important thing is that they must not have manga style…then everything is ok


Motenai try the link below

There are images here of supermodels that are over 20000 pixels big

hope that i was of some help


Here is some great military reference.



Anyone please know where I can get a top blueprint of the 1998 Toyota Corolla liftback/hatchback? I can only find front and side views right now.


hi guys, I’m looking for junk yard like scenes, where there’s alot of parts and dirt and what not. I’m also looking for robotic references, arms, legs, body, and armor too, more final fantasy type would be nice.

I’m not sure if this link was posted ( didn’t read every single post written here ) but here’s a nice site for hair styles, there’s only front views, so it’s still kinda hard, but I hope you find it useful.