Blueprints and Other Resources


Google just gives me these little tiny things I can’t work with.


You have to click on the picture to make it bigger.


No shit Sherlock?


No comment.

On another note, how in the world are these not big enough for you? (click to make larger)


Guys there are some more updates of animal model sheets at


Has anyone by chance some Blueprints for a Buick 1954 Roadmaster Sedan lying around? And don’t tell me Google is my friend, cause after the last two days I seriously doubt that…he had some Pictures for me, but nothing workable…


I have been scouring the net for some hours now and im yet to find any good “blueprint” type pics of a woman… the ones i have found so far cost a fortune or are really tiny! im not using them for professional work, just to practice organic modeling… and i dont really fancy spending too much time looking at naked men… im just after a good front and side view… if anyone knows where i could get some, or if anyone has any, i would appreciate it very very much! i have tried “” and the other 100’s of sites out there… but women seem to be like gold dust! many thanks again…

I managed to convince my other half… but a diversity would be nice… different hip bones ect add that touch of realism…


sign up for 1 month’s subscription ($29.99) and download to your heart’s content. You should be able to get MUCH more than you need within a month.


Hey i did a quick search and couldn’t find anything so i was wondering if anyone had good disney pixar or dreamworks characters reference images


Many thanks to all. was really a lot of very good links.


Here are modeling reference photos I took last week. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Does anyone here know any good tutorial on aligning ref photos in photoshop? I don’t know why but i just can seem to ever get it right, scale up and down and they never ever seem to line up right.


Hi All…

Has anyone come across reference for common objects like books,glassware,chairs,beds, with dimensions and preferably front,side,plan views? I know Architectural Graphics Standards has some but was wondering for other options as well as any free resources…



I’d like to second that…


I’ve been searching around and am trying to find mutliview of a Dodge Ram SRT-10 though so far I have not found anything more than mismatched views. Any suggestion(s) on finding multiview and/or wireframe view?

#417 - Free photo references for 2D/3D artists, comix artists and illustrators. :applause:


Hi, I need to model the oval office from the white house. Can anyone guide me to somewhere where I can find blueprints for that?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Here, hope this helps :


someone has references/photos/blueprints for ACC Starter Trolleya ?