Blueprints and Other Resources


Hi, i am looking for soundbyte blueprints or really good refrences.


Does anyone have blueprint of volkswagen tiguan?

thnx in advance!


I hope someone can help me with this.

I was looking for reference pictures of Jar Jar Binks’ (Star Wars) head that I could use to make a 3d model, front and side. (I would draw them myself, but I really suck at drawing)

Maybe someone knows a website or something.



You may not need it now but you can find what you are looking for here:-


for inorganic modeling you can visit and also you can get some small coll organic bluprints


Hey guys, i’m looking for blueprints or some really good photos of Nintendo Wii and peripheral devices, such as nunchuk, balance board, zapper etc. . I’ve got the wii-remote already, but I need the rest :frowning:

It’s btw. Onno van braam’s site :slight_smile:


im looking for a site for classic car blueprints


im looking for blueprints for big rigs…any suggestions?


just wondering if anyone has image references or blue prints of dragons?
been searching around and couldnt find one.


Looking for megaman orthographic views. I google it and search in Animemodelsheet no luck. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m looking for the pandora box (cloth box) of ikki (phoenix) from saints seiya. All i’m getting is the one from seiya and shiru (dragon).


Steampunk vehicles. Photographs from all sides. Extracted from background.


does anyone know anygood sites for engine part references? It’s for making a model to show how a basic 4 stroke engine works but I’d like to see some more detailed pictures of the individual parts.


Did you have a look yet at
For example:


will check it out, thanks for your suggestion.


great thread lots of good stuff, heres a site i came across, not sure if it’s already been mentioned in here or not, i’ve only gotten throgh like 16 pages lol

but i can’t seem to find any good reference pics or blueprints of the varia suit samus wears in the Metriod game series. if anyone can help that would be great.



Great organic model sheets of animals. Fairly new and being updated daily.


Does someone know of a Titanic blueprint? I can’t find any anywhere!



Google gave me plenty of results.