Blueprints and Other Resources


Anyone have links to blueprints of cathedrals? Or good reference pics to cathedrals? thanks.

Lots of books available for reference, such as ‘Sir Banister Fletcher’s A History of Architecture’



Hello people, very nice thread this is! everyone thx for the nice collection of reference material.
Currently i’m searching for reference material about Soldiers, SWAT, that kinda characters. although i have search cgtalk and google i find it very hard to find some good reference.

More in detail i would like to find some reference that i can use in my 3D app. for front and side view. think those are called model sheets.
i hvae read most the the pages in this thread but haven’t found any luck finding good reference.

So to sum up. any1 who knows good reference (front and side view) of soldiers or swat characters?
Many thx in advance!


Sorry to be a request, but I’m looking for modelling-friendly orthoganal views of heads. Most of the links posted are dead now by the way.


helo can u help me to get image blueprint monkey?
I mean caracter blueprint

I want to make monkey king…
please sent the picture to my email.



can any one help me in finding some beast character reference images,


I came across this list a while back. Very useful most of them may already be listed but its great to have them all together


Reference Images:…tomy/index.html

Other video tutorial sites:

[Vehicles Blueprints]
-Cars - Large Collection of Cars. - Some of Everything - Hi Res Photos - Some of Everything - Car plans published in Model Cars magazine cars, planes, boats… old cars ambulance vehicles

-Aircraft - Nazi Camo & Colors + more - Vought Aircraft - Weapons of all kinds…_spec_index.htm - Mig-21 - Mostly Photos, Some B/P - Nice List. Not English - Huge List. Mostly low res…index_intro.htm - F-15 Shots & Info - Low Res Plans
AH-64 Apache
F-15 Eagle
Mig-29 - Some of Everything - Dryden Research Some eps to. - Some of Everything russian planes ww1 nieuport site seaplanes russian cockpits luftwaffe camouflage Aviation close up pics


-Ships - Some of Everything - Some of Everything
Ships ships…

-Tanks - Tanks Heaven - Weapons of all kinds - Some of Everything - Some of Everything

-Trains New York subway (just few models have plans: R37, R41…) scroll to Tekeningen & there are 6 plans

[Character Photo Reference and Model Sheets]…playing/feature - Motion Footage - Character Sheets. Anime mostly.…ery=model+sheet

[Various Reference Pictures] - Weapons of all kinds…y/assembly.asp# - Miscellaneous interesting stuff - The Model Builders Reference Vault Stargate sg-1 references pictures.…ref_links.shtml Reference links archive

Buildings and Architecture - Some of Everything medivial architecture - cathedrals

[Graphic Related Material] - Stock Photos…colorcharts.asp

Weapons - Weapons of all kinds Swords, daggers, armor, medieval, renaissance weapons


Here’s a rather unual but interesting reference site… “sliced” animals:


For eye references, this one is good:


High-res stock photos here for free.Needs membership but it definately worths it.


hi this might be helpful

free hires texture and refernce website


for hi res tex…


Could anyone find some 3-view images of any humanoid aliens, like the one in the Gnomon Workshop Humanoid modeling DVD. I’m not really picky, I just want to get started ASAP.


I wanna model some classic sports cars but doesn’t seem to have any from the before 1960 era that are solid to model from. and I really just wanna stay in the before 1960.

Also I’m looking for either a good tree mel script, and or a city mel script or good blueprints of LA 2007…of NOW. I wanna Model all of the main buildings of hollywood.

Any sugestions, now remember I seek free. mostly cause I’m in School, but also cause I have yet to get a industry job, and I really need to express the nature of my poorness.

I’m broke and Have been since katrina. but any help is welcome in the way of site of Blueprints. Tanks!



Anyone got a site with good gun references? I need a blueprint of an MP5SD.


mmm credit here doesnt go to me coz this has been posted before earlier by powerwave3d … i just copied tyhe link for you from the first couple of pages … try here:

not sure if you will find a mp5sd there or no … didnt check for myself … but give it a try … nothing to lose anyway :slight_smile:


Found an amazing military vehicle photo reference site:

lots and lots of high quality walk rounds of air, land and even some weapons

enjoy :slight_smile:


Great Thread! Lots of cool stuff.

I’m looking specifically for orthos of Saab’s concept car, the Aero X. I’ve found a top view (so they are out there) but side, front, and back are eluding me. Anybody seen anything.




100,000 images of ancient cultures. Search by regions etc.


I need blueprints of alladin kind of characters…those arabic characters…
also of alladin
i also need refernces of genies…
please help sumone asap


A friend just sent me this link, it’s a pretty nifty way to search for images across multiple sources:


Edit: Here’s a little blurb I found about the site’s purpose:…75084;topicseen

This is a licensing and payments application that enables original content owners on large sharing sites like Flickr to license their work for use as stock photos – making approximately 1 billion images searchable by potential image buyers. So for those of you who have lots of photos and are interested in making them available for people to license as stock photography, this is an easy way to do it. And for those of you looking for stock photography, the photo search engine is pretty cool…

This in combo with Piclens is pretty cool.