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need horse reference images in order to model a centaur.

I need the front and side views of a horse.

anyone who knows any links, please extend them to me.

thanks in advance.

Sivaprasad Velayudhan

Spectacular 2D


on under Miscellaneous you will find a blueprint of a horse

did anyone know from where i can find good pictures from human heats… front siteview. has not so many and i don t like to spend money for pictures :frowning:


Hi all,

M new to this site so posting my question here only. I want to model “crazy frog”. Can anyone tell me where i get back and side view or its sketches, any ref tat can b useful to me to model. I have its front side only. Waitin to someone to reply.


house floorplans
you might want to read thier copywrite and legal disclaimers if this will be for comercial use. all of the floorplans are for sale



Hi i need cats pic - side & front simple outline of head and body (without fur :d) and anatomy pic of cats .


Hi all . I need cats pics - front & side head and body (outline without fur :P) and one with just with muscles


Hi! I really, really need some yacht blueprints… Every blue print I’ve found is for sale. Can anyone help? :sad:


@Scibor: Search for the " Cyclopedia Anatomicae" by Gyorgy Feher/ Andras Szunyoghy.


Thx . 1 more question do i have chance to find this online or ill have to buy it ? : P


I think you will have to buy it. Since it is very expensive (about 90,- €) I would suggest to search in a library.


Somebody know where I can get blueprints of churches?. Thank you very much.


Ive got only a cathedra


Lots of video game and anime (blah) art book scans here:

a friend of mine gets referral points from the link above. If that bothers you, don’t click it.

The art book link is on the right side of the page.


I am looking for blue prints to a 1963 Chevy Bel-Air. If any one can help me find these, I would greatly appreciate it.


I need non-commercial links ==a



i’m looking for some buleprints of the NY’s metro. there aren"t on suurland, and site don’t work.

is anyone know where i can find these references.

thx. (sorry for my english)


just found a pretty good site for firearms.

not sure if it’s already been posted…


I had been looking for some good references for ant anatomy for a short I’m doing. I eventually found some on

Here’s the link:


hey everyone…
i don’t know if I’m posting in the right place…
I looking for a blueprint of a Impala '63…a chevy car…heuhue
somebody can help me?