Blueprints and Other Resources


Hey Everybody-
you guys should check out reference 3D. It is an awesome reference site for 3D artists. It is a relatively new site that caters to 3D artists needs. The images are really high quality and can be used just for proportions or for alphas in Zbrush. The guys that are starting this whole thing are really professional and have a world of knowledge regarding what the needs of 3D artists are. You just get a basic membership to browse through and download images in their galleries, you can get exclusive rights to images, or you can give them a call and request something that might be project specific. In my opinion their stuff is a must have for any project out there, whether it be personal or commercial. So check out their web site and find out for yourself what the evolution of reference material is like!!!


The Reference3D site is a bit of a mystery ,I cant download any of the pdf files in short it would seem that interested parties have to contact them directly.Usually when information is that well hidden you just know that prices are likely to be extremly high.


does anyone know where i can get hight resolution closeup shots of spitfires Airplanes?
thanks alot


hi, im looking for some dinosaur(deinonychus) references… anyone know a site with a large gallery of dinosaur pics? thanks.


I’m looking for humans blueprints of Cloud (from Final Fantasy: Advent Children)


Does anyone know where to get the honda accord 2005/06(not the euro ver.) blueprints?
I can’t find any from the popular blueprint sites :banghead:


Ok i am doing my first 2d painting and i would be happy if somebody could direct me in a way where to find some reference of a person sitting against a wall and holding his head.
I already found a couple of pictures but i thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask for some directions here.
I am trying google hard to find if you don’t know the right word …


try google images, google is your best friend =)


I hope one of you can help me with this… But I desperately need various high-res blueprints of a 1967 2door ford escort, from all angle with dimensions, as well as a technical blueprint showing the engine, drive shaft and related objects



Sup all…

I hope someone can help me, I’m am currently looking for either a hi-res or a low-res(doesn’t really matter as long as it is clear to a degree) of a 1960s ford escort 2door 1600 sport, I’m looking for a blueprint that has the dimensions of everything, and also the technical blueprints of said car…

if any of you can help me it would be much appreciated

thanx RD


Has anyone good Blueprints from the 69er Ford Mustang GT500 “Eleanor” ?


try, this site contains a large no. of vehicle refrences. happy modeling.


I have looked everywhere for some blueprints of a piano and have come up with nothing. Can anyone help with some prints. A classic piano would be most useful.


hey ya’ll,

looking for decent-good orthographic views of the Enterprise from WWII between the years of 1943-1945. went to the but i need something a little bigger to use as a template. tried but that has not been updated in a while. any info would help.
thanks in advance.




There are orthographic sketches of a character in the Amped 3 video game here
these images are most likely copyrighted so just use them for personal use.:smiley:


Hi :thumbsup:

I need anime & manga blueprints espacially " Lodoss War " Series.

Thanks :slight_smile: .


Does anyone know where I can find blueprints for a VW Golf GTi gen 3? All blueprints at surrland and onnovanbraam are newer Golf’s but does anyone have or know where I can get blueprints for this type of Golf? Thanks for listening!



HI, Please, Does anyone know where I can find blueprints for a 2005 Holden Efijy Concept ?
I look em suurland, onnovanbraam , google and I found nothing…I need your help


you can try this site for references:
The cars blueprints are in the forum, sorted by manufacturer. Good luck for the research :smiley:


Can anyone post a site where i could get blueprints of office buildings, preferably L shaped, put if not then it isn’t that important.
In conclusion anytype of building blueprints are welcome.