Blueprints and Other Resources


Anyone know where I can get a blueprint of a hemi?


The engine? What year?




Any year would be great, but the original would be great.


That’s the best I could find…they’re crappy I know.



no links for orthographic animal reference? gah…my teacher did a demo on this great frog reference in class and then told us we couldn’t use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering how many of us look for things like this I’m rather surprised there isn’t a thing out there, just cars, cars, and cars. If anyone knows of a decent animal reference site, poke me please! or whatever sounded perfect but it’s essentially just a dumping ground for people to put up pictures of their pets :confused:


you can find your self a hummer blueprint galary @ you’ll need to register your self first its free



am lookinh for good animal image reference… specially frog i have to model a realistic frog


go to a public or university library and look up zoology or natural biology books I’m sure you’ll be able to find tons of orthos and closeups of body parts and the underlying muscle and bone structure of any number of animals including frogs


Very large firearm library. You can find every firearm by model and year.


hi all.
can anybody help me?
i need bike blueprints or high resolution photos.
bike is ecosse heretic


Does anyone know where i can find Special Ops, Rangers, us Soldiers, Swat blueprints?

I went to all the 14 pages and none got any of those.

I tried to find pics but i didnt find any Stand still Front and Side view from any of those, and im a noob to make them by heart.



These aren’t exactly orthographic views, but for Military equipment / uniforms reference, is a good site.



I am in search for blueprints of the Saleen S7! Any one know where to find ? I have search, maybe the entire internet but can’t find any! If someone has or seen any blueprints of that car please PM me or point out the link !

Many thanks!


Here is a very interesting study about what makes a face beautiful…
And a lot of nice and big ortho views…


Is there anywhere where I can find the manuals and blueprints from Gundam model kits? Can anyone post them or know where to find them?


This is a fantastic thread on ConceptArt.Org.


If you poke around the Master Grade (MG 1/100) section of this store you can find partially scanned manuals, most including the blueprint style lineart. Unfortunately the prints are relatively small so it might not be very useful…


Blueprints and designs for Startrek and similar ships …


-a lil plane ref site: -they have some great hi-res pics… :slight_smile:
does anyone know there to find some great video refences of airplanes? -need to find some videos with a cessna (cessna grand caravan c208b), plane in the air…

thanks for all of your reference contributions… so cool:thumbsup:


hi abyss,

u can chk out this site for videos of planes … There is a search option. u can use it to find the video of ur plane


here’s a video of cessna c208 -

go search for more videos