Blueprints and Other Resources


Just updated my site with some new reference photos:

2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT
2007 Lexus GS450h
2006 IS350


oh god/ simply gr8 resources here.

man i am just surprised to find so many blueprints at once.

Thanx a lot guys.


im sorry to ask here, but i cant find a good ref pic of a minigun!
i checked the but i didnt find a satisfying pic,
can anyone help me? :slight_smile:


hi guys. i really need a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro bluoprints. if anyone can provide it for me i will really apprichiate it.



I’m having trouble fining any decent modeling sheet. I can only find from cartoons etc. What i’m looking for is a model sheet of a girl (drawn, not real), front and side, no wierd poses. Would also be cool if it were fantasy/anime style. I would be very glad if anybody have something like this and could share it with me :slight_smile:


CyberMtl, here are some prints of a 67 for ya. It includes only a front and side.

Here is a 68 also, just in case :thumbsup:


Try these :slight_smile: :


hey guys im in desperate need of some age of sail battleship schematic drawings and referances. two in particular if possible the brig HMS swift and a 2nd rate battleship i belive there was onceone called the HMS termirere taken as a brize at the battle of the nile
hope you can help cheers.


Yeah, i have checked that site, most of them have some kind of pose or are just not standing straight. I want something ment to be for a game from the beginning to model from :confused:


I hope this is in the right place. I actually am Looking for a Front Reference pic for a Ducati SS 800 or 900 99-04. I can only hope I can find luck here. I have searched all over the net, including Onno Van Bramm, Sm Cars, Google,Yahoo< Ducati, and even the bikes manual. I really am in a jam because I can’t get the Front Ferrings to match well with my ref. If anyone knows where I can Grab one or even if they kind enough to snap a pic of the front the would be greatly appreciated.



Does anyone know where to find architectural plans that are in dwg format?


Does anyone know where to find locomotives blueprints?


the new website by onno van braam has a train section (as did his previous site)


I got some good ones from Model Railroader,try a search I think they have all there issues online, RailRoad Model Craftsman is another good one.


I really nead the blueprint of a motocycle a R1, if some body have a good site leat me know. Thanks

free high res stock photography-you have to register but it is worth it.

i use this site almost everyday. there are pictures of pretty much anything here, and when you register they show huge thumbnails of every picture in their library. they say indexstockphotography across the image, but for reference that is perfect. there aren’t alot of straight on shots for model sheets, but if you want to see how something looks to get a feel for it, these are great. plus, the search engine is really good. you can even cross reference keywords and all that jazz. i really do love this site.


some mech ,mech wheapons and equipment can be find here :thumbsup:



Does anyone know where I can find good, detailed blueprints and reference pics of the Space Shuttle? I thought they’d be really easy to find, but it’s a lot hard than I’d thought. Nasa’s site is so large it’s hard to find anything on there and google isn’t helping much.

Any help, greatlly appreciated.


Thanks to all.

I’m looking for the Routemasted doubledecker bus, thanks in advance.


here are some decent bp’s of a shuttle. Not very detailed, but maybe enough for what you need: