Blueprints and Other Resources


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Please post all the links to references you came across while browsing the net under this thread.

Those links can be of anything related & helpful for modelling.

Please do not comment on the links posted in this thread , start a new thread instead. This is to keep this thread organized and easy to browse.

I hope this thread will be a good resource for everyone.

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(overweight people reference pictures)

(Anatomy of the human body by Henry Grey , Full Book)


(Medical images & illustrations , HUGE LIBRARY! )

#5 (modelsheets and more)


Some good drawings designs to model, he leaves to use them as far as is not commercial.


(some boats)

( weapons, use the search engine, no need to register)


No link here, just a proven suggestion. When looking for car reference, if you dont see it on the great catchall blueprint sites and an internet search turns up squat, go where the gearheads are. Every car has an enthusiasts community, often with forums. Ask nicely for scans from an assembly manual (or track one down in the real world :wink:


Airplane blueprints and measurments


Great suggestion!

Check out the forums at

Site for car blueprints, requiers membership but it’s and absolutly worth it!


hi-res character photo references.

Check out free sample :


Prototype World War Two Aircraft.


Aircraft photos (many military) with close-ups of detail


Ramsey and Sleeper’s “Architectural Graphic Standards” is very useful. It has dimensions for everything from a kitchen sink to a 747.


For a reference on “not so well proported” human bodies it’s a good advice to search websites of “Plastic Surgerey Clinics”.

They often have this before/after reference pics which can be helpfull

here one i found usefull:

there is a Photo Gallery menu on their main page



Heres a kool car reference one —>


Cool thread!

Though i would be really interested in architectural blueprints of some famous (or not so famous) buildings.

Anyway, heres another link, probably most of the blueprints will overlay with the ones you already posted :wink:

blueprints of many aircrafts from ww1 till now (all countries)


Anyone know where to find schematics for Airstreams or Trailer homes?


Hi, i wonder if someone knows were i can find bikes blueprints!? well a ducati would be perfect…