Blueprint3d: 3b and friends


Hi I rencently started my own 3d production house… yeeeh

Anyways, my website is under development at the time. I will post the link here as soon as it is presentable. The website is flash and I’m hoping it will be as heavily animated as I can for a 60% dial up audience (eventho my target are broadband users).

Since we are in the process of letting our old customers know that we are no longer separate freelance artists and also catching eyes from new markets, we have decided to make a 3d/flash animated web series of about 30sec - 1min long. The characters are very simple cause thats the style we are aiming for and they are based on cubes cause its the logo of our company called Blueprint3d.

This are some very fast initial sketches and our logo it two of its possible forms.
The white character on the left is the “good guy” and the black box, well its obviously not his best friend.

[left]And here is the first initial sketch of the main character “BlueBoxBoy” but for shorters “3b”. From left to right: the first 3d render of the 3d (sketch?), a light version done for flash, and finally a more lighted version for flash as well.[/left]

[left] [/left]
[left]C&C not only wellcomed but REQUIRED lol![/left]
[left]I’ll post a bit on the initial story and some more info about what goes behind the character in a minute.[/left]


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