Bluebeards Demise, Dennis Allain (3D)


Title: Bluebeards Demise
Name: Dennis Allain
Country: Usa
Software: Cinema 4d 8.5, Photoshop 7

Thanks to policarpo for hosting my image. Had the notion to create a war of the worlds type painting. I built most of the models myself but I did use a Deespona ship model with some minor modifications. I use Cinema 4D8.5 and Photoshop 7 for postwork and overpainting. My 3 year old son wanted a robot drawing from me for his room so this is what I came up with. All comments and crits encouraged.


I like it… but then again I’ve been a fan of w.o.t.w. for 20 years now… Uper lighting seems a bit off to me , but then again I’m not nearly as talented as most the people on this site… Great work , like the concept… You did H.G.Well proud…
Later :slight_smile:


Now, we can make a remake of the movie, good job man! Hey, what do you know about Mecha?:beer:


I actually dont know that much about mecha… Is there a web site or something I could check out?


That’s really nice, very “painted” style, can we see a wire?

[plugged] :slight_smile:


More than happy to, but I have nowhere to upload a good image. Ya know I am trying to gain some exposure and I absolutly NEED a web page. Thats next on the list!!! I will try to make a sm wire for post…


happy to see you in the hall of fame

one stupid question:
does cg-talk still give awards - havent seen these little golden friends for a long time


Opps posted over at Cinema forum by mistake… Thanks for the FP plug!
Great to see on a monday morning…


nice work…


wrote you also as a PM but now I do it once more.
you can send me bigger images or wireframes and I´ll put them online and send you the link.
If you are interested see your PM inbox for my mailadress


Good image…how did you do the sea??? :slight_smile:


This is some nice inspiration to start a creative week.:thumbsup:
Only thing I think would be a nice addition is some sails burning.


That’s soooo coool!
love it! :applause:


Hi ?!

I like the Mecha, very good design !
Cool !


Very good image! :stuck_out_tongue:

i would like to now where doesthe 3d ends and starts 2d… the fusion between 2d and 3d is so well done that! you now the fusion exists, but you dont now where…


Thanks so much for making this site so exciting! I would love to see the top part of the sail splintering and exploding a bit more. I think it would really show power behind the hit of the canon “Laser”. Very professional, I love it. Love the water as well.


I like it, but one thing stood out - Why doesn’t the pirate ship have sails?


Originally posted by raycerx
More than happy to, but I have nowhere to upload a good image. Ya know I am trying to gain some exposure and I absolutly NEED a web page. Thats next on the list!!! I will try to make a sm wire for post…

Woo hoo RaycerX!

Congrats. Glad you got a front page plug, it’s a slick image.

Feel free to email me any wires you might want posted, I don’t mind hosting the images at all for you in the meantime.

For what it is worth, I use Hostned for my Web Hosting and they are a great and inexpensive outfit…so you might think about using them when you get the chance.

email: if you’d like to post any other portions/wireframes of the image.



Very nice style and look to the piece. The water and the ship are very well done. Overall, though, the image seems quite static, and I think there are three things that might help.

One, as Lekku just pointed out, is the lack of sails. Even if the sails are still furled (or whatever the seafaring name for furled may be), it’d give you a chance to set them on fire or something similar to add a little more life.
Another thing is I’d like to see is some piece of the mast falling away from the laser beam. I think it would be more interesting to capture the moment right after the laser causes the mast to explode rather than just before, as you have it now.
A third element I’d change is the position of the spaceship legs. Being perfectly vertical doesn’t convey any action or movement. You might want to take those 4 legs and put them in a menacing position or, at the very least, trail the legs behind the body a bit so you don’t have so many completely vertical elements and also give the space ship a feeling that it’s advancing on the sailing ship.

These are mostly composition elements. The look, otherwise, is well executed. I’m sure it’ll make your 3-year old giggle with delight…or scare the bejeezus out of him and make him wet the bed for 8 more years…but either way it’ll make an impact.

Keep up the fine work!



Nice. Wish there were more details about the technical info. So the robot and ship are 3D… and the rest 2D painting?

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