Blue screen while rendering



I have this 6 seconds long animation i am trying to render out in e-on vue. I leave my computer to work on it over night but in the morning i regularily find out that my poor computer is a victim of a blue screen.

I am thinking if the reason would be that my processor is overclocked? It is working just fine when doing stress test though and the temperatures are fine aswell.

Any ideas of where this annoying blue screen could be coming from?

Thank you.


What speed is your CPU running at?

I had the same problem with my machine a couple years ago. It was running at 4.0Ghz, so I backed it down to 3.8Ghz, and the problem went away.


I have Intel I7 860 2.8Ghz running at 3.8Ghz


A bluescreen is 99% hardware or system driver failure. Unless youve recently updated things, its almost always an overheating system. Take a brush to the metal heatsink and get all the dust off, after a year or so you can build up a thick grey carpet of dust which stops the cooling from working. Do this for the cpu and gpu coolers, it will usually mean unscrewing the heatink or plastic case for the gfx card, or at the very least lifting up the fan.


I’d try running the machine at the factory clock speed and factory memory settings and see if it still has issues with crashing. It could be any number of things (memory, power supply, heat, failing disk, lots already mentioned) but it would eliminate a lot of them knowing if it still crashes at the stock speed.


ya, the only time I see this happen is when I’m overclocked.


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