"Blue Lollypop" looking for LANDSCAPE artists!


We’re making a sci-fi short called “Blue Lollypop” that is a combination of live-action and CGI. We’re actually about 83% done with it, with all the live-action shot and alot of the CG done as well. However, we’re having a difficult time finding a modeler who can render some meticulously designed organic rocky planet landscapes.

We are looking for someone who can create some very detailed otherworldly environments which we can use to complete most of the remaining CG work. If you are interested in expanding your portfolio on a really wacky, original film which should be complete by late fall '05, then this is your project! Once the short is done we hope to use it to sell a feature based on the concept. It’s loosely based on a rough B&W student film called “Eskimo Hill”, which you can see here:


Our team for the last 2 years of production has been composed of dedicated and talented volunteers, and if you want to come on board (even if landscapes aren’t your thing) we could use all the modelers and animators we can get.

Send an e-mail to maxevry@rocketmail.com and I’ll be happy to give you more info and show you some of our beautiful designs!



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