Blue Giraffe in Banana Savannah, Jody Valdes (3D)


Title: Blue Giraffe in Banana Savannah
Name: Jody Valdes
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Here we observe Blue Giraffe as he visits the Banana Savannah where he grew up. The place is pretty much as he remembers it. The Banana folks are milling about in the sun, going bananas.

This is an image that I made for fun. I wanted the giraffe to have a bubbly, toy-like shape. As for why he’s blue? Simply because I like blue :slight_smile:


Lol, this made me smile. Nice work!


A funny idea well executed. I especially like the contrast between the warm colored world and the blue giraffe.

Would be a nice picture to decorate a childrens room. Cute but still letting the mind of an adult observer wonder. I myself hope that those bananas breathe through their stem on top of the head. Otherwise I fear some of the bathing bananas might drown :wink:


@AJ: Thanks! It was a fun scene to work on, I’m glad you like it.

@Sagadur: Thanks for the feedback! Although I made the giraffe blue on a whim, it worked out well for the reason you mentioned. :arteest: As for the bathers, they don’t seem to be in distress so I guess they’re breathing all right in there!


Really nice colours and lighting, well done!


Cool and amusing! I like colors and funny mood!


@Kev3D: Thanks for the comments! I’m glad you liked it.

@yuriki: Thanks! I was aiming for a fun image so It’s good to hear that aspect came across well :slight_smile:


i love it man


@aamirart - Thanks for the support! It’s appreciated. :slight_smile:


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