Blue flowers, Amarilis Alvarez (3D)


Title: Blue flowers
Name: Amarilis Alvarez
Country: Puerto Rico
Software: Photoshop, Poser

My character Farissa for V4. Rendered in PoserPro and postworked in Photoshop CS4 extended.

Copyrright © Amarilis Alvarez-Tosca


Thats some great work you have there man I love the detail you put into it.

My only crit is that the image seems flat to me. Some deeper shadows in your scene would deff make the character and her surroundings pop more.

Other then that keep up the good work.


amazing work. nice texture :bounce: :bounce:


poser seems to have better and better rendering capibilities:)

textures are too low resolution, and I agree that it looks flat but this is an advantege in my opinion, it looks like painting now - so in good way IMHO



Amazing work, very nice.


Beautiful character textures and image - the colours are stunning!


I love this character and i would love to have more views exchange on it.


nice model and render indeed… bur as a recomendation i suggest to avoid using poser as much as possible… try modeling your character or sculpiting it in some other program.Of Course that is just my opinion andit also depends on what you´re looking for!! Saludos desde Puerto Rico!!!


:love: Great!

Yes, it seems to be a painting, but maybe you want to be like this; I love the final result.


Beautiful, looks like the Spanish star Torres


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