BLT images


Great work, love the style! Uh, can I have her phone number?!? Seriously, tight professional work, Impressive! And I thought I was going to see a render of a sandwich!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wonderfull indeed. Even if some proportions a unreal, it realy help giving expression, and life. Model and shading are great! But most of all; congratulation for their attitudes!:applause:
Is this based on a story-board?
Also waiting for more reactions!!:thumbsup:


Unbelievably excellent! This is some really great art direction and toon shading technology.

What program are you using to model and how are you doing the toon effect?

Will this be a short? Any wireframes or other shots?

I’m intrigued!


i like blt4 most, im a sucker for nice focus techniques

what is blt anyway?


:love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

very nice.


In the bathroom pic it would be cool if only the charcters were toon rendered. same with the car. But great work can’t wait to see more.

btw: what is this for?


Realy Awesome !
What software did you use ?


waow,it reminds me “manara”…really impressive,…wich soft?


nice style! (luvin’it)

Just wondering wich cellshader you use. With transperency and all that, very nice quality of shading.

Also really like the way you managed to make it look like drawn characters (stylized and clean), opposite to just using a cellshader.


Just Great!!! I really dig that style!


may god bless you…

my dude
what did u use for that (pardon i didnt read anything i was simply stareing at the pictures…)


is that an “ANIMO” made ?

kicking ass around the place!!!

:wip: :love: :wip:


whooochaaah ! very nice style, here we can see a nice 3D alternative, well done :applause:


Dude, great work. I like the image of the two women in the washroom. It’s awesome to see two friends practicing CPR.


i use max with cartoon reyes for the lines
which have very good and quick organique lines
the shader is simply done with light at maximum contrast
but i will improve evrything, it’s just test

i’m finishing a 3 minutes test animation/pilot in 1 month



Gosh…those are very stunning images! Excellent! Do you have any wireframe version to show how detail the actual model is to get such fantastic toon result?

Very nice work!



wireframe wireframe wireframe

show us some wireframe :bounce:


F-A-B-U-L-E-U-X !
Great idea about using light at max contrast, I was trying to do something with cel shading myself, but now I know that I should just use the cel shading outlines and play around with standard materials…thanks so much.

Have you tried any other cel shading plug-ins ? I tried Illustrate!, but the line quality was nowhere near as good as yours. But, then, I have not really worked out the best settings.

keep it up, what a source of inspiration ! Do you have a website ?


p.s: j’espere pouvoir commander un poster/tshirt/bd bientot :thumbsup:


Excellent stuff indeed…I love the way the characters don’t really betray their 3d origins… at least in the stills…is this going to be available anywhere??? :slight_smile: :beer:


Someone said “I love it how they don’t betray their 3D Origens.”

I spent a few minutes trying to figure out if these were hand drawn…

Bloody amazing.


BLT, a side of fries AND a shake.

Nice work, yo

…make it move… …make it move… …make it move…