Blood & Roses Bar Fight, Eraserx (2D)


I just finished this a few days ago. Whaddya think?

Oh ya, I also used it in this full coloring tutorial if you’re interested.

Pencils by Mitch Byrd, Inks by Bobby Hickey, Colors by Me

Blood & Roses is Copyright & Trademark Bobby Hickey


wow!!! This is impressive!
I love the detail in this pic! Nice coloring too!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Glad to be the first one replying on this thread!!!


Oh I love mitch byrd! You definately gave his pencil work a coloring job it deserves. Great job!


really cool work and Great tutorial ! :applause:


The character work is great and feels like it just stepped out of an animated film. However having it set up against a wall like that leaves it somewhat flat. I don’t know if you’d be willing to do a radical change but what about putting it up against a saloon stage. I think compositionally it would add a lot to the piece, and take it to the next level.

Again great character work, maybe jjust a little more work on the background.


wow! great characters, color and mood!

btw, that guy who make a toast with his whiskey glass reminds me of ‘zeb macahan’(his personality) from the old western serie ‘macahans’. at his young years :))



Very good work,post more!!!


This is totally great, Do you have a larger version to use as a wallpaper? :slight_smile:


Very cool picture! Nice coloring too.:thumbsup:
I love your tutorial, I’ts one of the best I’ve seen! Thanx, I’ve learned much:D


wow, the acting is so nice! so the color is!:thumbsup:


really really nice.






nice :thumbsup:




Lovely character drawing, design and excellent understanding and execution of color ‘saturation’;

Everybody in this field of work should absorb your wonderful tutorial also; thanx for sharing :thumbsup:



yeah, that what i call a cool looking pic. You can feel the life coming from it, you can see the motion in your pic. Great job :thumbsup:


Re: EraserX.

Now that is a fantastic idea!:applause:

The art work is brilliant and of a high standard. I’m with the fans!:beer:

However, if crit is welcome - I felt the Depth of the picture looked…um…flat. It might just be me…but don’t worry - its really a fresh picture!

Now where’s Cleveland Little and Gene Wilder…:bounce:


A very dynamic piece of work! I agree that the wall could use some extra detail to give it a more complete feel. I’ve been trying to learn drawing like that for ages without any success. You lucky talented bastards;)



You lucky talented bastards

er…You lucky talented artists, please :rolleyes: :wink: