Blood Lord, Pira E (2D)


Title: Blood Lord
Name: Pira E
Country: France

Done just for fun
rought, scan, then colouring in photoshop cs.
hope you like it.
comments and critics most welcome.


I really dig this, got some quality tones and textures here. Realy nice work man. Kudos.


yeah. This is a badass Mofo.

I’d like to see more of him - not a crit of the pic - I just like his design and am interested to see how you would have handled his feet.


Nice job, man. Cool concept and great attention to detail. I agree with cloudmover that it would be nice to see his feet or boots as well. Maybe a lower angle perspective would have been better to make him seem even more powerful and evil, but great work all in all, keep it coming.


thks for your comments :slight_smile:


This is unique piece of work with a goth feel, my tastes say it is a very average piece of work.:twisted: Still,on the other hand, it is origional, kind of.:rolleyes: No offense, but you need practice. It is 3 out of 5. :shrug:


Awesome work, hope to see more drawings by you :slight_smile:


great work over all
but i guess this character needs more pride ! may be if u lift its head up in a look of pride will do ,it simply needs a neck so it wouldnt look like slaughtered .


you develop a little more when you say it’s very average piece of work :stuck_out_tongue:


Frightful character.It is a bit difficult to identify the body shape but it is a good work!:slight_smile:


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