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Hi all…
just wondering on what you (anyone here) feel would be the best way to add blood spatter (from someone being shot) in post and what software you would use (either AE or Nuke…or if either one would do the job). Woudl I need to do any tracking?
Also, if you know a good tut or could point me in a direction on how to do this, that would be great too.


If you’re doing CG blood, then I would simulate the fluid and loosely model the surface it’s landing on. If the surface is moving I would probably track some features and deform the surface mesh with them. I’d then render out the beauty, shadow, and AO pass and also a wetmap if your software supports that.

I’d use Nuke since I’m most familiar with it, so I would multiply in the AO and shadow passes, and use an over operation for the beauty pass. And I’d also mix the in the wetmap, though I’m not sure how you would be able to render that into a pass.


Kinda impossible to say without seeing the shot.

I think for the majority of shots (especially just quick splatter fx) comping in some stock splatter footage would work fine. 2d point track if needed. The main issue is matching the lighting, blacks, perspective, grain, all the basic compositing things. But I’d always try to use the real thing over cg simulations.

Any decent compositing package would work, doesn’t really matter.

Video Co-Pilot is probably your friend for this stuff.


Thanks for your replies…
I do remember seeing some stuff on Andrew Kramers site…just wondering if there were other ways.
I don’t have a shot I’m working on per se, but I did see someone looking for someone to do some freelance work for them possibly containing some ‘blood work’ from people getting shot.
thank again,


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