Blood in PF


Hi, I need do one emmiter that make some similar to blood, I meen, groups of particles to create the sensation of blood falling, chunks of liqud :stuck_out_tongue:

And then I need make that flow colision with objects ( link to deflectors) and fall like raindrops ( in therms of speed, the sensation still is blood).

I’ve seen allan mckay tutorials, and I’ve learned a few things but there is scripts that I cant get, and I don’t know where find them, because I’m designer but no programming at all.

If you can showme one post related or giveme any idea, I will aprecciate.



Well… After investigate on the net, I discover one thing that will be useful to me, the glue3d plugin, to make something similar to realflow but, UFFF very very quick and better than bloobmesh and other stuff,so my problem now is only the raindrop effect on a surface but in groups of particles.



hello! try adapting this tutorial to your needs :wink:

If its still a problem, what do you mean by blood falling? out of what, an vein or organ?

You can set up a simple Pflow where particles fall to the ground. You can then add a blobmesh and link it to the pflow emmiter and then choose the thickness of the blob, which in essence is your blood.

if you want something more advanced get Glu3D or Realflow. hope thats give you some guidance. peace.


Hi man, thanks a lot for your help, I’m not speak or write in english frecuently so… I miss the point searching the words…

Here I go again (whitesnake :P)

I want PAINT ( earlier I write blood, LOL) I want Paint falling over one object ( simple word with extrude or bevel profile to give 3 dimentions, whatever ) and the effect that I want, is the paint letting see this word while is falling from the emmiter, in my scene i don’t want show the emmiter, only paint letting see part of the word but make them readable.

Just for example… like if paint was falling over invisible man and you see the man because the paint cover him in the head and shoulders. the same procedure but with a text. Maybe is complex to reallize.

Thanks for reading my sort of prehistoric writting, LOL


U can do that using Orbaz PFlowToolBox 1, Lock/Bond opperator. Not sure if that was what Allan used on his dripping system, his site seems to be down.


allan uses speed by surface set to parallel to surface. you should check out the help on that operator.


Thanks to all. I will keep testing this and later I’ll post results.


looking forward for your results :slight_smile:

i have here something similar, which i did to practice particle flow long time ago(after allan mckays dripsystem tutorial :wink: )
I tought its cool for a backgroundmovie, but i never finihed this site :stuck_out_tongue:

klick on load backgroundmovie and then when it has loaded, you can remove this ugly box by cklicking on the clearScreen button

It is done with tousands of small facing particles with a round gradient in the opacity map.


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