Blood glaze , Jia.Ruan (2D)


Title: Blood glaze
Name: Jia.Ruan
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

The ancient wizards mixed enchanted Primal Stones, Crystals and other materials to produce a kind of stone known as Forbidden Glaze. With this material, they were able to seal and look into memory. They went as far as to collect memory from creatures that had died thousands or even millions of years before. If the glaze was filled with happy and sweet memories from the dead body, its color would change to gold. Otherwise, if the glaze was filled with painful or miserable memories, the glaze would change the color to red. The more miserable the memory was, the gloomier the color would turn out. It might eventually go as deep as black.

I’ve continued my thinking in this picture while trying some new style, namely, blue plus orange. (Most of my previous works employed yellow and green.)


beautiful colours - I love the ethereal feel of the whole painting!


It’s a real stand out! Great job!
Wo xihuan ta!


Fantastic, as usual! Love the colours too!


hehe thank
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there have dulcet music with this painting


Another masterful piece.I really like the subtle tonality and chromatic changes you manage to achieve.


Amazing work, atmosphere and colors great!


Great painting Jia.

I also like the finger pose.

I can’t quite tell, are there more happy or painful memories?


I always enjoy your work and this one is no exception, really brilliant technique
the lightning on the character is very fine, also the subtle values in the background
I`m just missing a bit more contrasty colors though, especially the glaze-stone could need more intense color and lightning


My friend, your talent is big,
I’m happy because I’m here, between with great artists like you.

About your work, for sure no critiques from me.
You done amazing job one more time, great choice of colours, perfect lights and brushes.

Keep it up,



i like very much your style.


Just Love the etheric feel of your painting


I love your work!Thank you for another inspiring piece!


Awesome! great light and colours as always, keep them coming.


fantastic, definitely your best work so far. very inspiring.


hehe thank you
Pain and joy of those long ago memories are extracted from other places, and he just viewing the the glass inside memory


nice job on the feel…:).


The way you paint shadows and flesh material is just fascinating. I also love the faces of your characters, the way you think the volume of eyes, the mood… The colors, the details. The light, the transparency, just everything, I can’t stop watching it.


Stunning, and I love the colours you chose! Perfect :smiley: Do you make your own brushes, or modify the ones in PS, because your brush strokes are seem very unique and really makes your work stand out :slight_smile:


Flawless work, i would like to see wip of this piece, and i am really interested how much time it took(once you mentioned you do them slow)