Blond Gaijin, Hoang Nguyen (2D)


Title: Blond Gaijin
Name: Hoang Nguyen
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This piece was done for Imagine FX magazine, issue #15
This cover was quite a challenge since this issue came bag with Corel Painter. Over half of the cover will be block, so coming up with something that is eye catching was daunting. Let me know what you think; here is the cover without the advertisement. All painted in Photoshop CS

You can check it out here:


Very Beautiful. You have a great style.


amazing picture, love the colors and the tattoos:bounce:


her nose looks so real , i like ur style too


mmm…so nice:) Very beautiful!


Awesome work, I love it.
Girl, you have painted are so enchanting!
Great skin colors and the eyes are wonderfully done.


I like is very beautiful!


oh, i like it pretty colors and wow that tattoos awesome:thumbsup:


nice stuff Hoang!..I like your color palette…
keep up-


Love it, beautiful, wonderfully unique style.


Woowww woww :bounce:

Great 5 stars from me :smiley:


MoonVisionStudio, Frictor, pixelstalk, inky2, sokolova, MelodyXU, mOep, Rysh, Harmonic, iman121 — Thanks allot, I appreciated all your comments :slight_smile:


Beautiful work! Just one comment, about the title… she’s not blonde.

Still looks great, though!

  • Le Messor
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    Buffy: Andrew, we don’t have a big board.


…superb colourzzz and brushstrokezzz :thumbsup:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


wow…the eyes are absolutely amazing. I love this…you are truly truly truly talented. Keep it up man


the eyes are always so captivating in your paintings :love:


Messor: Thanks for you kind words, the title wasn’t meant to take it literally. Having been raised from 2 different cultures, I’m really trying to created the best of both world.

Abyssis, mayazeus, Intervain: Thanks allot :slight_smile:


Beautiful!Love your style a lot!:o)


Beautiful… love the eyes and the tattoos…

what type of references do you used when thinking about the elements from this cultures?


hoang the reason i bought imaginefx was cause of its cover, and guess what that was :smiley:
great tutorial btw