The blocking is due to be finished on WEDNESDAY, June 29th. That is tomorrow!
This thread is for you guys to post your finished blocking files. Please have them in on time!
…PMs will be sent otherwise…

Kirt is going to review the blocking and give you guys the go-ahead to continue along the vein you’re going.


Blocking, and a little polish. I’ve since attached the squash/strech controls but am awaiting feedback before further polish.



First block pass…no polish. Anything can be changed so far. QT Sor3


Way to go guys! This is coming along nicely, keep up the great work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Let’s see those block[color=DarkOrange]ing files!!! One more day until deadline extension is up. Keep going[/color]:buttrock:


First block pass…no polish. Anything can be changed so far.



Ahhhh! I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but I’ll try to get these files reviewed as soon as I can. :argh:


oooooooo…excuses from the director…tsk tsk:)


Anxiously awaiting any feedback from Mr. Kirt:slight_smile: Hope to hear from you soon…would like to keep this going.


Come on guys! Don’t let this thing die. Everyone has put in too much work for this to wither out. Besides if it does I will be very upset, in fact I’m makin’ a list… checkin’ it twice…
Well, you get the idea :slight_smile:


yeah, whats going on with this project, im all ready to cut together some sweet footage and I havent heard anything in a while about whats going on with this project.

so, whats goin on???



I guess i’ve got other things I can do…still looking forward to getting the go ahead to move on to the next stage:) Hope to hear from you soon Kirt.


Remi - Some general comments:[ul][li]Check your character’s proportions. In most of your video scenes it appears that the characters are 1x1x1.5 and they should be 1x1x2.5 (too short in other words).[]About twisting and turns: don’t get too extreme with the body twists. The character should have proportionate movements compared to an average human. Which means that a 90 degree (or greater) upperbody twist would be near impossible and at the least very uncomfortable. A favorable approach would be to twist the upper body and have the lower body follow through with the movement. A hop-twist should be preceeded with anticipation where the character will twist in the opposing position prior to the jump and turn while having the lower body follow through with the movement (secondary motion).[]Keep camera angles the same as indicated on the storyboards unless otherwise specified. Animating a movement to a different camera angle will possibly look odd from the correct camera placement.[/ul]Some specifics regarding block 34-41:[ul][]Frames 0-60: The bobbing up and down isn’t needed. I don’t know what’s going on here … is he breathing heavily? Whatever he’s doing … stop it. It looks slightly unpleasant. :smiley: []Frames 86-152: (see general comments above re: twisting) This pose is held too long. Just a look over the shoulder will do fine.[]Frames 153-210: goes to the cutting room floor. Sorry.[]Frames 211-330: This would work better going from a long shot and zooming in to a close shot. This is supposed to be from Orange’s POV so a zoom in will give a feeling of him focusing in on the group of gray cubes on the other side of the room. More grays are needed in the shot also.[]I like the shot you added just prior to scene 37. You can keep that there. :thumbsup: []Scene 38-39: Add some movement to the gray cubes that shows them scattering away and moving around Orange as he approaches. They should be gathering in the center of the room during scene 39.[/ul]Some specifics regarding block 00-15:[ul][]Character proportions are really short on this set. All characters look like they are 1x1x1.5 (or shorter).[]Scene 12: Most of the gray characters are out of your frame. Move them in closer to Orange and have them move away when he arrives.[]Scene 13: I missed it … is it in there? They should be moving away from Orange from the previous scene and any grays on stage left should cross over to the right (having a couple pass in front of the camera as they go).[]Scene 14: Too fast. Pace it out some more showing the last of the gray cubes joining the others on the other side of the room.[*]Scene 15: Reaction of the gray cubes is late. They’re huddled on the side of the room watching Orange in a light panic and anticipating another move from him. Once Orange starts to move towards them they should react only after a short time from his first movement. They’re basically going … “Oh crap here he comes again!”[/ul]Tharrel - Already got my approval for his block files in his animation thread. :thumbsup:
Where the hell is everyone else? We have 2 animators now?

Oh Yeah … we’re going to miss SIGGRAPH. :argh:


Hey Kirt,

I’ll work on eveything you stated…when are the new files due? Working them now.


Well, since we’ve seem to have hit a wall in regards to getting (and keeping) animators involved in this project I’d say that all deadlines from here on out are “Yesterday”. If this project is to be completed at all … we need the people who are still here (or just starting) to work through the scenes as quickly as they possibly can.

This was supposed to be a short 3 month project. I don’t want it dragging on for a year or longer. There are still many short film festivals that we can submit this to. Let’s finish it. Please.


Brand new date to have blocking in by!!


Let’s all welcome Daddymack, who has joined our team. Applause for the great man!


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